Trip the Light Fantastic

Whooowee kids, I am feeling lazy this Monday. I may have a touch of the Olympic fever... you know, the kind of marathon malaise that comes from staring wordlessly into the boob tube for hours on end. But never fear! Here at Design Crisis headquarters we power through even the worst cases of indolent slothiness to deliver your weekday eye candy fix. Behold the brightness!

tom dixon

There's nothing like a little Tom Dixon pendant light porn to send an electric jolt through the system. CLEAR! Yes, I am already feeling resuscitated by my lust -- which knows no bounds -- for those gorgeous copper globes... they're like a million little MC Escher balls (sans the topsy turvy staircases and gecko lizards. Thank God.)

More righteous pendulosity coming your way: check out these Swarovski crystal-filled net sack thingies with lights in them. Yeah. Net sacks via Yanko Design.


Eva Hesse-ish, aren't they? Kind of like creepy jewelry for your home.

Not to be outdone in the crazy department, these anthropomorphic lights have potential to create some seriously silly atmosphere.

deer head

Shoal chandelier by Dominic Bromley and Trophy Lamp by Isabelle Rolland (at Unica Home). That deer head is pretty damn awesome BUT it costs $7600. Uh, no. However, it kind of inspires me to just rip the head off one of those plastic Christmas reindeer that inexplicably hover around the baby Jesus' cradle at nativity scenes, and then shove a light down its throat. That sounds like a plan.

And now, a pair of lamps so brilliant, I think their golden glow may have emanated from that mysterious briefcase in Pulp Fiction:

ak lamp

Above, Philippe Starck's Gun Lamp from Hive Modern. Below, Tony Wurman's Backlight at Wunderwurks.

backbone lamp

Obviously I have a minor obsession with weird gold things, and Karly is determined to paint anything that won't move (and perhaps even some things that move slowly) shiny, glorious gold. Although the two of us are gentle creatures, I nevertheless predict that violence would ensue if an awesome reader (or deep pocketed sponsor?) sent an (one) golden gun lamp to DC Headquarters. Now Karly is six feet tall and ridiculously buff and I am but a wee five-one and significantly less buff, but I've had five years of Kung Fu lessons, dawg. I'm pretty sure that Karly would piledrive my ass all WWF wrestler style, but I could try to put up a good fight for the right price two lamps. Are you listening, Hive Modern? The pictures will be fantastic!

Next up, a flurry of bright lights from Generate Design:

rubber chandelier

Lefty is cast from rubber by Tobias Wong, and that makes me laugh for some reason. Why is rubber funny? Is it me? Or is it just jokey that something usually sharp and delicate has been rendered soft and flaccid? Flaccid rubber wong? And what do you think about the bundle o' light cords? There's a DIY project in the making, but I wonder if all those lights would blow a fuse in my old house... only one way to find out.

Last, but not least, one more from Generate Design:

plexi xhandelier

Love, love, love the picture, and the plexiglass chandelier is pretty cool, too. Designed by Buro Vormkrijgers, Therese costs $2,569.00.

Looks like a job for super Ponoko to me.