Fine Fine Diamonds

Ok dudes, no time for a biggo long post because K-Dawg and I are going to check out some chairs for her patio. Exhibit A:


These are advertised as "Hanry Bertoia" chairs and they're priced at $140.

Say what?

For reals. And here's the scoop: if these are actually Bertoia Diamond Lounge chairs, they be worth MAD skrilla. Like, almost a grand EACH. At least that's what DWR is listing them at. But is the price $140 for each chair, or $140 for the set of four? Dunno. And I'm not calling ahead to sound the "oh shit, maybe I underpriced these" alarm. Also, are they just knockoffs? Because, according to the interwebs, knockoff chairs are priced at $140 each. Hmmmm, very suspicious. Also, I don't know whether to expect the real deal from a seller who can't spell Harry. Seriously, man... Hanry? Were you confused as to whether it might be Henry or Harry, and just decided to split the difference?

Cross your fingers and hope that Karly is about to score the deal of the century. And don't forget to tune in next week to see what happens.

Oh, and while I'm nagging you guys, be sure to leave a comment here by next Monday for your chance to win a super rad recycled tote bag from Poketo. I already have my jealous stink eye ready for the winners.

Happy weekend!

Poketo Give Away!

Praise halleluia everyone, it's a give away day! Today 3, yes THREE lucky winners are totes going to win a tote from everyone's favorite accessory shop, Poketo. You know, Poketo, the adorable company we recommended in gift guides here and here. The ones that make these adorable goodies:

note, none of these are included in the give away, you'll have to scroll down for that, but you can buy the yummy items above by following these links:

crayon rings $12
Secret Tees, pack of 4 $60
Tools of Antiquity Journal $40
Blackbird Fly Twin Lens Reflex Camera $140
Irana Douer Print $48

Last week, Poketo launched a new line of recycled handbags including:

These awesome recycled bubble bags (made from used and donated clothing)

tote bags made out of (wait for it) recycled suits

and finally, the ones we're GIVING AWAY:

These colorful recycled street banner bags are my personal fave and I'm totally jealous of the 3 (three!!!!!!) lucky winners that get to take one home.

Here's the deal: you want one? Just leave a comment in the comments section. Comments section is closed next monday, May 3, at 5:00 pm CST at which time la random number generator will pick 3 winners. I'll announce it on the blog Tuesday and 3 of you will get to do your grocery shopping with a nice earth-saving smug grin plastered across your mug. Got it? Now go, comment.

Holiday Gift Guide: Under 25

Friends, it's that time of year again -- time to open your hearts (and wallets) to the magic of the holiday spirit. It's easy to get caught up the in the whirlwind of Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmos and Zhu Zhu pets, but let's all agree on something: giving gifts should feel good, and getting your post holiday bank statement shouldn't induce an aneurysm. So, kick back and celebrate with a variety of fiscally fun gifts that will have everyone singing joy to the world  -- all you boys and girls.

holiday gift guide under 25

Gifts for everyone! Clockwise from top left: Marie Gardeski hand soap $20 | Gracia + Selena gold leafed soup bowl $15 | 35mm pinhole camera kit $27 | Stephen Crowhurst playing cards $14.

holiday gift guide under 25

Groovy expandable vinyl bags made from recycled billboards collapse into flat discs for easy packing. Stretch Bag $16.

cashmere arm warmers

Stay warm Cyndi Lauper style: recycled cashmere and angora arm warmers by cashmeredejavu on Etsy $10.

thinkgeek shirts

Shirts for the lovable nerd in your life: My Blood Is Rich In Irony shirt, $12 | Heavy Metal shirt $16.

holiday gift guide under 25

Statement jewelry that won't break the bank: Diamond Ring in red acrylic $12.

holiday gift guide under 25

Rock out with your bling out. Ear buds $10.

holiday gift guide under 25

Part Francis Bacon, part intergalactic apocalypse, 100% awesome. Disco Peak print by Ricky Allman $20.

holiday gift guide under 25

All they want to do is dance. Critters Windup $12.

holiday gift guide under 25

Find out if cats really always land on their feet. Cat-a-pult $10.

holiday gift guide under 25

Streamlined design makes cooking fun tolerable. Sagaform stainless steel and wood cake serving set $22 | Sagaform self watering herb pot $20

holiday gift guide under 25

Ahoy matey! These napkin rings can be custom made with your initials. From Brooklynrehab on Etsy. Set of six $24.

holiday gift guide under 25

High style shakers will add pep to your prep. Icosa by Tai Design $29.

holiday gift guide under 25

Clean your plate and uncover a colorful surprise. Eating brussel sprouts has never been so fun! Poketo's The Middletons series, set of two $24.

holiday gift guide under 25

You know you want to. Fisticup $15.

holiday gift guide under 25

Have some Mondrian with your Lichtenstein. I want these tumblers so badly... $8 each.

holiday gift guide under 25

Drinking makes learning fun. Coastermaths, set of five $22.

holiday gift guide under 25

I know what Karly wants for Christmas... Wild Horses kitchen towel $12.

Shall I admit that I kind of despise Christmas? Whenever December rolls around I get antsy and Grinchy, and I start cursing a lot under (and over) my breath. But this little dude has melted my icy, two sizes too small heart.

holiday gift guide under 25

Happy lil' Christmas gnome, handmade by Stephanie of Even Cleveland. Tie him to presents or hang him from your tree. For $7, that's a whole lot of love.

Tomorrow Karly will be back with a deluge of great gifts under $50, so come on back and bring your checkbook.

I promise it won't hurt a bit.