It's Pinterest day, which basically means I don't have two spare seconds to rub together and must, therefore, rely on the goodness of the internet to provide fodder for today's post. Thankfully I follow some fantastic pinners, so busting out the jams is easy breezy. Trust.

I have many takeaways from this image: I need to paint some supergraphics up in this joint, that sofa must be mine, and Acid Wasp is alive and well.

Still loving curtains, may have to throw some jade into the mix.

I know I am going to offend someone, but I loathe those chairs -- mostly because I had a similar set and they are so freaking hard to pull up to the table. But I do love that crazy antique lion paw table paired with fresh, clean chairs.

This is eerily similar to our office layout -- similar paint, couch, room size, etc. That's even where I plan to put the desk. Digging the french doors and garden stool cum coffee table. Want to burn the Union Jack (sorry, England -- it's not you, it's me).

Ike's new room. BOOM.

Or wait -- maybe this one? I mean... dayum.

I kind of let you down during Wallpaper Week, but can I make up for it by telling you my new secret wallpaper crush is Schumacher's tortoiseshell? I really hope the sample doesn't win my heart because it's $350/roll.

And finally, tomorrow I theoretically fly to Hawaii. With a two year old and a bleeding hole in my uterus. The doc has given me the ok to fly, but I go in for one more sonogram in a couple of hours to make sure the situation looks stable.

Cross your fingers for me because my mom is getting married to an awesome dude and I don't want to miss the wedding. Also I could really use a vacation from staring at these walls. I'm hoping the rental looks something like the picture above.

So maybe I'll be back tomorrow, but hopefully I'll be boarding the plane and I'll next see you all bright and early Monday, April 2, rife with reports of volcanoes and saltwater.


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These are a Few of My Favorite Pins

It's all dreary today and I just don't have the energy to reveal my crazy painted fireplace yet, so I'm going to rely on all the fabulous people out there in pinterest land to write this post for me. Thanks, guys. You're the best.

The one thing I don't like about pinterest is how easily sources are lost. I try to be careful about crediting the people I borrow images from, but who knows where many of the images originally came from? I wish there were a better way to track things.

[You Have Been Here Sometime, Elle Decor, This is Glamorous, My Interior Life, YHBHS]

Monday Monday

I just wanted to say a big squeaky THANK YOU for all of your kind comments regarding my pregnant bedresty stuff. Reading some of your sweet words may have brought genuine tears to my eye -- like real live water rolling down my face -- but if asked in a court of law I will deny that sissified behavior. DENY. Because I have a rough and tumble image to maintain. Let's get down to business. World of Interiors -- it's so big it can't be corralled into, say, County of Interiors. Or even Nation of Interiors. Honestly, I think perhaps they could have gone with Solar System of Interiors, tagline: "as seen in the Hubble Telescope." They certainly have enough superstar photography to form their very own constellation. Not to mention the intergalactic scope of decor they feature.

Do I spy the makings of the coolest boys' room ever?

Team Multiple Oriental on steroids!

Old school tuberculosis sanatorium or incredible dining room?

I love the scale/pattern contrast of floors and wallpaper.

The light touch with photoshop is so refreshing -- all the cracked and peeling plaster is left to charm

your pants off... And into bed.

Now, if you're bored please go see my front room up on Remodelista.

Apparently Dark Harbor is the color du jour.

Thanks again, Sanders!

Oh, and I'm also about to pin a bunch of these to my pinterest like a narcissistic  ass.

Come join the fun and feed my ego!