Ikea Update

Yesterday Ike, Ben and I, drove all the way to the northern wilds of Round Rock, home of the Texas Ikea. It's so far north Karly asked me if it was snowing up there, but sadly I had to inform her that hell had not yet frozen over, and that it was 105 degrees in the shade. The heat is sending me into a fugue state of ever increasing laziness, so as a result I'm gonna dispense with the chit chat and get down to some really important list making. Let's read about how we lost three hours of our lives riding through the desert on a cart with no name.

1) I finally sat on this couch.

So, yon Hovas was actually pretty comfy, but Ben was utterly repulsed by the slipcoveryness (Ben is not terribly savvy in the cleaning department, obvi). While there were a few details I was not thrilled with -- the arms are a little too rounded, the seat cushions stick out too far, and I wish the back cushions weren't contoured like that -- I thought it was pretty awesome for $499. Too bad the fabric choices are abysmal. I will be waiting until they make some nubby linen like covers like they do for Ektorp.

2) They did not have my Vago patio chairs so I rolled around in the middle of the store and threw a tantrum.

This is patently unfair, since that dumb chair is one of the best things Ikea has ever made. Check out Modfrugal taunting me with her fancy Vagos, arranged around a campfire. Awesome! Although just looking at that fire is making me hot.

This is really very frustrating, though. WHY can I not order things through the Ikea site? WHY can they not even ship site to store? It's so ridiculous.

3) I bought Ike a bunch of kiddie crap.

Besides purchasing several accessories with funny Swedish names like Mesmakr and Pslinger, I snagged a Mammut stool so Ike can sit around the baby pool and dip his cute, chubby little toes into the boiling water.

4) I struck out in the rug section.

Ikea has some great, kid friendly rugs. I love the new Basnas, which is much nicer than the pictures show. It's a nubby gray flecked flatwoven rug that has a lot more texture than a kilim, but no nasty pile with which to trap cereal bars and legos. The only problem is that, like many of Ikea's rugs, it doesn't come in an 8x10 option. The Swedes must live in shoeboxes. Same story with this Perisk rug, which was on super sale, but was super small.

5) Despite utter failure on many accounts, I did snag some cute planters.

Of course, most of the good stuff was already sold out. Oh, and while I'm working myself into a lather, let me ask why most Ikea pots do not have holes drilled in the bottoms for drainage? Plant whisperers, am I missing something here?

Enough kvetching. Sorry I'm Miss Bitchy today. Mondays suck.

I mean, YAY! Happy Monday!

Tomorrow I will be all sweetness and light. Pinky swear.