Quick! Which Children's Chair Do You Like?

Because I know you aren't at all busy with your mountainous holiday to-do lists, please please please look at these kid's chairs and tell me which one is the cutest, comfiest, and best suited for my little prince's sweet cheeks (I'm rolling my own eyes at that, don't worry).

#1: The Panton Junior Chair, $99 including shipping.

This one certainly looks cool, and apparently it's springloaded.

#2. The Ikea ROFYLLD (I feel like that must be short for something...?) kid's rocking chair, $39.99 + a torture trip to Ikea.

#3. The vintage Hitchcock kid's rocker, $50 + all the fun and adventure that goes with Craigslist.

Sorry the picture is so dingy, but you've seen this sucker before so you know what it looks like.

Now take an egg nog break and vote for numero uno, dos, or (wtf is Spanish for "or"?) tres.

Muchas Gracias!


I just found another one. I promise I'm going to lay off the martinis and speed soon... well, as soon as Christmas is over. Anyway, may I present:

#4. Wicker kid's chair, $40 shipped via Ebay.

Will this be impossible for a toddler to climb into? I don't know, but it's cute.

I'm still undecided. Help. I promise I won't throw any more wrenches into the process, so vote with confidence. Or abandon. I'm ok either way.