The Power of Paint Compels You

I am possessed by the urge to paint EVERYTHING.






Kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets.

I've visited Benjamin Moore so frequently of late that Sanders is probably wondering if he should set up a cot for me.

Yesterday when I went to the high risk doc, I frantically interrogated him about the possibility of harming the baby from SO MUCH PAINTING. I mean, I use the fancy low VOC Aura paint, but still... there are nights I go to bed with paint in my hair. And under my nails. And who knows where else -- I can't see down there anymore.

He said not to worry one bit, to paint away.

So in case you were wondering, our little peanut probably will probably come out with only two eyes and sans vestigial tail.

Although extra parts could come in handy someday?

Gotta peruse some paint chips. See y'alluns later.

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Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around...

I've been seeing a lot of painted ceilings lately:

painted ceilings painted ceilings painted ceilings painted ceilings painted ceilings

Ooohhhh ahhhh, pretty!

But I tell you dudes what: I would think long and hard before I did something like this. We just painted a ton of ceilings in our house, because the stupid previous owners decided that the fugly khaki green beige on the walls would look just as smashing on the ceilings. And I guess it does -- if by "smashing" you mean "like the inside of a butt."

After seeing the difference a coat of light, neutral paint makes, I don't think I'll be painting any ceilings dark or dramatic colors unless they are A) at least 10 feet tall, B) in rooms with lots of light, or C) in dark rooms where you want the ceiling to merge with the wall -- thus reducing contrast and enlarging the space.

I have none of those things going on at my house, therefore me and my bucket of Simply White shall continue to do battle with the exorcist vomit spewed all over our ceilings.

But maybe I'm wrong. Have you ever gone wild on the ceiling? Was it a good thing?

Later, taters. The lovely inlaws have Ike so I plan to tackle tons o' work today.

[images via my pinterest, sorry I'm so lazy]

How Many Colors Can You Paint a House?

It's getting nervous up in here. I love to make decisions for other people, but when it comes to myself I will waffle endlessly if given the chance. So, on one hand it's probably a good thing that the baby is theoretically coming in four months. On the other hand, I'm starting to panic that we're going to end up with a patchwork quilt of insanity because I have to make too many choices too quickly. Mostly I'm freaking about all the colors I'm slathering all over the walls. Teal, coral, peach, navy, oh probably some green while I'm at it... how many colors can one house reasonably (gracefully) hold?

I'm kind of a colorphobe. My downstairs closet is full of gray and black and navy. But my secret upstairs closet (the going out closet) is full of orange and pink and gold and turquoise and acid green. It seems that I almost always chicken out at the 11th hour when deciding if I should slip into something more colorful -- I pretty much have to be hitting the bars at midnight to fluff my peacock feathers.

But I know that while there's definitely an allure to cool and aloof, everyone wants to party with the crazy girl in color.

Am I right?

Still, I don't want to go berserk in here. Crazy should not equal slutty. I just don't think I'd be comfortable most of the time dealing with that much stimulation... from color. Duh.

I will admit to loving just a restrained shot of color -- that perfect foil for an otherwise neutral and serene palette.

But I don't know... once I get going I kind of can't stop myself.

luxe interiors

And then things get interesting.

I'd like to know what you think about "the rules" regarding color in decor. How many colors can you balance in one room? Three? Five? Infinity?

What about in a whole house?

I mean, we're definitely going beyond light beige, medium beige, and dark beige here.

But can every room be a different color?

Please discuss.

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