Move-In Ready

Sometimes when we post extraordinarily designed homes (like this one) I play make-believe-fantasy-party that I'm in the market for a new home and, oh, what is this?  suddenly this interesting home shows up in my MLS listing and (gasp!) it's in my price range.  I imagine whether or not I would chose to throw down my cash to live somewhere so extreme (hint: the answer is always yes).  The home in today's post is no exception. In fact, it's so damn amazing it's the very first house ever in the history of Design Crisis to be shown completely unfurnished.  Just full frontal architecture for you to drool over.  Who have I become?

Seriously, could you imagine opening up your MLS search to see this puppy?  Do you think you would hyperventilate or just have a heart attack?  This Toranto home was custom built (with no budget, time line or design restrictions) for a cool 24 million, so don't expect to tour it with your realtor anytime soon.

How would you dudes feel if I told you this 18,000 square foot home was owned by a math professor?  Ok, a math professor who also wrote a slue of successful calculus books, but a matt teacher non-the-less.  Pretty bitchin, right?

Ok math students, quick problem for you:  if train A leaves the station at 1:00 pm traveling 100 mph and train B leaves the station at 4:30 am traveling 60  miles per hour, how quickly would Karly move the F into this house?

Yes to the yes.  I love that the treated wood gives the house a mid-century feel.  Not that I'm all mid century crazy these days (I'm not) it's just nice to see a modern home that still feels warm and livable.

And the gold on these stairs drives it home

More stairs, more curves, more wood and concrete.  Ok, yes, fine, I'll take it.

PS. this joint was designed by Shim Sutcliffe

The House That Baby Built

Kids, I have been Bizzy. The inlaws are a' visiting, and on Saturday, Karly and Diana hosted an awesome baby shower for me and the fetus, the net result being that the inside of my house looks like Babies R Us exploded in a frenzy of blue and green velour. Oh well -- hopefully it's for a good cause. Anyway, the events of the weekend have left me unprepared for the week, so thank jeebus for my good pal Stephanie over at Even Cleveland, who has once again bailed me out of the Monday doldrums with another fabulous house link.

shell house

So, do I just have baby on the brain, or does this radicool Mexico City house look like the inside of a womb?

shell house

Because I totally imagine my fetus skipping around in here, singing Sunshine Day, and NEVER, ever, wanting to leave.

shell house

Lazy fetus is always lounging around the couch, rolling and stretching his way from seat to seat.

shell house

He's such a bum that I doubt he ever showers.

shell house

At night he sacks out on his plush bed pod, sucking his thumb and continuing the infernal KICKING. Obviously, the bed is located adjacent to my bladder.

shell house

He needs to find the exit to outside, pronto. Look, fetus -- it's so sunny and bright out there! Go towards the light!

Does anyone know where the door is on this thing?