OOOMG!  OOOOMG!!  It's finally here, and you bitches better be reading this post from your iphone* (*or equivalent) while you stand in line at the election booth.  Unless, of course you're a good little American (but not a REAL American) like myself who voted weeks ago.  Good job. Anyhow, it's no secret who we here at the DC headquarters are rooting for.  Hey, we make about $250,000 less than the required amount for extra taxing, so, yep, he's our man.  I know you've all seen 8 hundred trillion pieces of Obama propaganda, ushered in by Shepard Fairey's brilliant Hope poster, but stay with me here.  I think I've managed to uncover items 8 hundred trillion and one - nine for you to enjoy on this, hopefully, historic day.

This is an interiors blog, let's start with home decor:

Obamottoman and Chair set from ABC Carpet and Home

smaller chairs, for those living on bob the builder's sallary

The next photo doesn't have an obama picture or slogan anywhere in site, it's more of an observation.  The Color Association of America sites pop and political culture as it's main source of inspiration for their seasonal color trend selection.  It was noted that the lime green craze of the early millennium intentionally coincided with the release of the first Shrek movie; country blue of 2002 was ushered in as a nod to our nation's patriotism after 9-11.  Based on the above, I'm willing to bet dollars-to-doughnuts that the recent resurgence of Klein blue (which we have lovingly discussed ad nauseum) is symptomatic of our (HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY) liberal-leaning populace:

This could be in the break-room of the DNC headquarters.

But, then again, they may want this wallpaper for their walls instead:

Democrat Donkey wallpaper available through TODAY ONLY at Given Campbell

They also have an elephant version, but this blog is totalitarian, so you'll have to cruise over there to see it.  Yo.

For a less Dramatic Obama-inspired influence, how about the best darn animal mug ever?

Ayumi Horie has raised 10,516.17 for the Obama Campaign with the sale of her lovely Obamaware.

The hand-made Obamanation craze has swept Etsy as well, which shows literally hundreds of Obama items (I didn't even bother seeing how many McWhatever ones they had).  Here are some of my favorites:

Clockwise from top left: Yo Gabba Gabba for Obama button by Etsy user Monkiss: Reppin' For Obama necklace by Etsy user Beebles; Democratic Finger Puppets by Mullishmuse; and Yes We Can Obama bag by Etsy user Belleslettres

Of course, my very very favorite Etsy item is this button:

Rescue Dogs For Obama button by Etsy user the dogcoatlady

The fact that I want this button has nothing to do with my very own pound puppy, Rowdy.  I just think it is straight-up hilarious.  Look at how scruffy that dog is.  HA!

Let's take a look at more Obama fashion.  I know at least one reader down-under who will insist that her husband wear this next time they go to temple:

The Obamica available at Vanity Kippah

I am willing to support any measures she needs to take to get this hot little number on his noggin.

Incase you like your hair free to blow in the wind but still want to rep, you can always sport either of these kicks:

Air Force 1 by Jimm Lasser

Don't walk on sand all day?  Try these:

Obama Custom Air Force 1 sneakers (popular name, huh?) by Van20

If you looking for less street in your Obama gear, try these dresses:

Spring 2009 looks at Sonia Rykiel, left, and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

And for the littlest Obama fan:

O8AMA kids tee available at Supermarket

And finally, I've uncovered the last remaining piece of Obama artwork that you haven't seen:

Photoshop montage as seen on Freaking News

Let us all hope that this is a portrait of our favorite presidentS from Illinois.  Come on everybody, let's do this.   I really don't want to have to take all my campaign goods to the thrift store tomorrow.