I'll let you ascertain what exactly the extra "F" stands for. On Wednesday I woke up sure that it must be Saturday, but no -- just another day in the longest week in the history of the world. So I apologize for not being the postess with the mostest, but when you're trying to type with Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me" cranked up to the max on a xbox dance game, you can't really expect much.

I will say that Ike is a very talented dancer. And yes, I am awaiting my parent of the year award. I hear it's coming any minute.

Anyhow, I'm having an internal debate about the wallpaper I had chosen for the front entry:

I'm looking for something that can play second fiddle, because Wallpaper X will be holding court next to the dark front room and I don't want the paper to get any melodramaculus ideas about stealing the show.

So this is Neisha Crosland's Zebra in stone, and it's a two roll minimum. From England with mega shipping rates. So that makes it well over $200 for this order alone. Now that's not a ton of $$$, but when I have a zillion things to buy it's about $100 more than I had intended to spend. Remind me again of why I'm not rich and famous?

Anyway I find myself shopping for wallpaper. Again. So far this is the best I've found:

I like most of Harlequin's Deco inspired Arkona collection, actually. Otto is a pretty pattern, but not quite as light and bright as the NC's Zebra.

Cole and Son's Malachite in silver on beige is also a contender. It's super hard to photograph, but I think this picture shows the color and texture well. You can also see a picture I took of it here.

So, I'm open to suggestions for interesting tone on tone wallpaper. Hit me with your best shot.

Or maybe I should just go with this mural:

It is pretty tempting... but I think I better stick with my original plan.

Happy TGIMFF, y'all.