Monday Non Sequitur Meltdown

Monday, I want to murder you. The time change sucks nuts when you have a kid, our dishwasher is still broken, and I can't for the life of me find the nail clippers. Seriously, how long does it take after moving to get all the odds and ends properly squared away? Last night I had to dig through boxes in the garage just to find my house shoes. I love me some isotoners -- what about it? And to top it off, I am getting some weird blog crap when I log in while using Firefox. Has anyone out there noticed any funny business whilst cruising our blog? Moving on, I'd like to say thanks for all your input about the fireplace. Right now I'm contemplating ripping half of it down (well not me personally, me = proxy = Matt), adding a proper mantle, and painting it white. Or maybe doing this here plaster job that Morgan left in the comments. I'm a little concerned that our floors are too rustic to do anything vaguely rustic with the brick... not that they are crazy rustic they just have a very Euro bare board look, knots and all.

Speaking of, I have found myself staring at the floors and wondering if I should have done this pickled finish instead:

No, right? I would hate it in five years, right????? Please say yes.

I have turned into a babbling idiot because I have too many decisions to make, mainly about the overall direction of this place. I think it boils down to this:

vs this:

Form driven modernist Stilnovo, or a more classically elegant deco look?

I think I have a preference, but I'd love to know what you think.

Big Booty Wood

Apologies for not giving y'all the attention you so richly deserve, especially since I truly appreciate all the feedback and comments you've offered on our quest for the perfect floors. Let me just say that I'm so busy I can barely remember my name anymore. Having our house on the market has been INSANE. Like, we don't live here anymore insane. I barely have internet access, we are surviving on salt and grease laden take out -- despite which I have lost several pounds from stress -- and Ike isn't sure where to call home. Still we've managed to decide on flooring. Drum roll please...

It's engineered white oak in a 6" strip with a natural, matte finish. I'm hoping it will look like this floor:

Because that floor is sex on a stick.

I was (ok, and still am) more than a little worried about the wide plank, but it was the best quality material I could afford and that's the only size it came in. Luckily a kind commenter directed me to these floors, which have renewed my lust for big booty planks:

Freaking orgasmic, I tell you. Dinesen makes some of the most fabulous flooring I've ever seen, but I'm betting the farm that it's waaaay more pricey than what I bought.

Those boards are ridiculously long, and look at how little variation there is... gajillion dollar floors for sure.

I'm still a little nervous that I might tire of the bigger is better look, but these photos are going a long way towards convincing me otherwise.

What do you think? Fat or skinny?