Nursery Mockup 3000

Have I mentioned lately that a tiny person is coming to live with us in a few months? Don't you think it's the weirdest thing EVER that two people have sexy time and then suddenly there's another person in between you, taking up all the extra space and eating all your food? Well, it doesn't actually happen all of the sudden... it's 10 (yes, 10 -- count them) months later, and I need every single day of every single month to finish all of the loose ends I have created by tearing up our house and then expecting for all the bits and pieces to fall back to earth, perfectly arranged.

I need to get a grip, y'all. Pri. Or. I. Tize. Hence today is nursery mockup day. Kaboom.

Let's revisit the most amazing room that I am obsessed with right now:

I want to make love to that folding screen and brass footed ottoman and have artsy fur babies (it would be cool if this took less than 10 months). The tone on tone is check check delicious, and the cobalt pop is perfecto. My kid friendly interpretation:

erin williamson

I'm sure it needs some tweaking, but the bare necessities are there. I tried to make do with what I had, so it can never be as amazing as that amazing room, but hopefully it has a similar artsy cool, comfy breezy feeling going on. Let's discuss the elements.

1) Wall color is living room neutral, double formula for some extra oomph. Sisalish carpet is what's already in there.

2) The chandelier is from Ike's old room. It used to be black, but wondering if I should repaint... suggestions?

3) Vintage dresser is already in there, but it's a triple dresser and has brass hardware. Hoping it won't take the vibe too far towards brown town.

4) Shades are plain ivory/white romans with cobalt piping. Not enough room for curtains.

5) I already have baskets as well as the moroccan butt warming stool and Senor Giraffe. He may or may not make the final cut.

6) I already have the six-pelt sheepskin rug. Hoping it will do the trick since it's light and bright but is amazingly easy to keep clean.

7) The table lamp and crib are from Ikea.

8 ) I don't have that blue painting. May have to do a poster thingy. Gold frame is a must.

9) And now we come to the chair... this is where things get tricky.

I could of course reuse this guy, who is already the perfect cobalt blue:

However, handsome rocker is A) not very comfortable and B) takes up mega space. This was ok in Ike's giant old room, but space is at a premium in the tiny new fetus nursery.

OR I could sell the rocker (I hope), and pay bucks to recover this Thayer Coggin chair:

This is the perfect chair, scale and comfortwise. It even rocks and swivels.

So, what do I do? How much will it cost to recover a small barrel chair? I can't imagine using it in its current incarnation, unless maaaaaayyyyybbe I put it into our soon to be pinkish/peachish bedroom. Honestly, it would really benefit from new fabric, though.

I just don't know if that's where I should put my money right now...

Yesterday our second car blew up and we're now at 5k for car repair costs this year alone. It's barely May.

That would have paid for a new couch, the table I want, wallpaper, paint, chair upholstery, etc.

So I must spend wisely. I also don't want to do things 50 times over because I'm not happy that I cheaped out the first time.

Tell me what to do, sage people.