MLS House Tour: Part the Second

Today is the day! At 10 am we close on New House, and Old House goes on the market. I have ulcers all up in my mouth and I'm no longer sleeping. So if you want to buy this house and put me out of my misery, leave a comment and I'll email to confirm your stalker free motives. I don't want no one sneaking in at night and stealing all my good shoes. You've seen the public parts of our house. Now I'd like to introduce you to the private parts -- warts and all. I crack myself up! Anyway, here is where you find out that we have actual bathrooms. We even have bedrooms, most of which have never been featured on this here blog. That's because they were half finished and covered in laundry drifts, but I scrambled to make it all kind of prettyish.

So here it is. Cross your fingers, y'all. We've got to sell this house. Pronto.

master bedroom

master bedroom 3

master bedroom 2

master bathroom 2

master bathroom

small 5

guest bathroom 2

office 2


back patio

backyard sunset


backyard trees

And there you have it. I'm getting kinda teary eyed over our little house -- lots of wonderful things happened here.

Some bad things may have happened, too. Like choosing lampshades that are too small, and like forgetting to remove the scale from our bedroom before I photographed it for the MLS.

Oh well. If you didn't already know, size matters.