Yves Klein Blue

Well, friends, today's post comes to you from the depths of Ye Olde Texarkana, located at -- you guessed it -- the funky junction of Texas, Arkansas and Louisisana. To put it mildly, my computer here is a little wonky (AOL???! why not just hook a bicycle up to the computer and pedal to power it like crazy Ed Begley Jr.?), but bear with me for a two-part series on the crazy adventures of Yves Klein and the electric blue zeitgeist that's sweeping the decornation.

When I was in art school, Yves Klein was something of a mystery to me. A conceptualist in the 50's and 60's, a lot of what he did was just paint stuff --any stuff -- blue, but not just any blue; he patented his own lapis lazuli shade which he titled IYKB (International Yves Klein Blue).

yves klein anthopometries

(photos courtesy of the Yves Klein Archives).

Yves loved him some naked ladies, which he employed as paint brushes that wielded his Klein Blue paint during performances where Anthropometries, or visual measurements of the human body, were created.  And so the human paintbrush trend was born...

But he wasn't above stealing readymade forms, like a copy of the torso of Venus or a common globe, and coating them with blue paint, much like Karly covers everything in gold paint. I suppose International Yves Klein Blue has a continental ring to it that International Erin Williamson Puce doesn't really have, but I'm starting to think I should have gotten wise to the whole "just paint stuff" movement a lot sooner.

klein blue

Yves died in 1962 of a heart attack -- dude was only 34! -- but a lot of his works have been in heavy rotation for the last couple of years. Check out that very same bust of Venus in a contemporary posh pad decorated by Brown and Davis:

klein sculpture

Blue and yellow are back together again, for the very first time...

And here's the now familiar globe at the Hotel Verhaegen in Belgium:

klein hotel

In this room, that globe looks like it landed from an alien planet and I LIKE it. I also like the idea of staying at a hotel where an incredibly expensive piece of art is just sitting on the coffee table, waiting for me to stash it in my slightly oversized purse.

The most attainable and decorative of Klein's works are the infamous lucite coffee tables that have been popping up everywhere:

klein yabu

Design superduo Yabu and Pushelberg are practically cooing over their Klein table, which I must say, makes a major statement in their largely monochromatic apartment.

klein tables

And according to Habitually Chic's website, designer David Netto says "You're not living until you have an Yves Klein cofffee table."  I guess I'll keep that in mind, that is if I have a mind, because I must be dead. Oh, and just in case I'm not already sleeping with the fishes, the rest of David Netto's art collection makes me want to choke it's so amazing.

But not quite as amazing as Marianne Boesky's collection, which features a pink Klein table. Surprised you with that one, didn't I? Extra credit if you remembered from an earlier post that he made gold tables, too.

klein boesky

I love the bizarre pop of color these tables give to conservative spaces, and I would KILL someone for those hooded head prints. This may be one of my favorite apartments. Ever.

Back to blue. Focus! So, I can't afford one of the only 300 tables in each color that were made. But I was thinking of buying one of these and working it over:

yves klein tables

The OG table on top, lefty is from Eurway and righty is from Ikea. It would be so easy to paint the tops of either table and have a piece of plexi cut to cover the top, just to protect the finish and add some extra shine.

So move over gold, there's a new color to just paint stuff: Klein Blue, aka, Pantone 72C Pantone 286 mixed with Reflex Blue. Thanks, Anna at Door Sixteen, for alerting me to my faulty color match!

People, I am busy. I am literally (seriously) going fishing tomorrow, and I have buckets of fried okra to eat after that, but I'll be back for Thursday's sure to be poorly written AWESOME post, where I shall overload you with pretty pictures of Klein Blue interiors. Because I heart you.