Taking Care of Bizness

Still on a crazy fabric shopping binge. I'm currently in the market for some cheap cantilevered chairs that I can reupholster like these:

Perennials' City Kitty ought to do. Plus it will repel milk and jelly. I'm hoping to have wood or cane backs and fabric seats only to do it myself and cut down on yardage... maybe 3 yardsish? I can do that.

It's going to be awesome with my million dollar marble table, which I FINALLY ORDERED.

 It's supposed to be here Thursday (!!!!!!!).

Also arriving Thursday is the newly hired cleaning lady, which I'm hoping will change my life. Sadly right now I'm just suffering from panic attacks about the Katrina like state of disaster in our house, and how much work it's going to take to pick up before she can even clean.

I have seven weeks before my due date to get this house whipped into shape. Must solve curtain conundrum (blue velvet was not a winner), paint master bedroom (peach is not going well), wallpaper the nursery and the foyer, finish the front room and dinette areas.

So, you know, not much.

Also, I should probably wash some onesies or whatever.

Meanwhile, Ike's room is done. Finished. Completeasaurus Rex.

Reveal coming this week... Stay tuned.