Green Dreams

I cannot even begin to tell you how glorious the weather in Austin has been... high 70s, crisp breezes, the scent of roses and freshly mowed lawns wafting about. The weather here is usually so HELLFIRE HOT by now that this spring seems extra special and it's really hard to do anything other than lie on the ground and stare up at this:

I love it so much that I just want everything to be green right now...

emerald green cabinets

green kitchen cabinets green cabinets

Green kitchens.

green wall color

green traditional

Green walls.

cole son wallpaper malachite wallpaper

Green wallpaper.

striped wallpaper

The perfect green accent.

In fact I'm considering a little living room switcharoo to bring in more green, inspired by this:

Hot. Sex.

Should I maybe put my new blue/navy rug:

In the front of the living room:

And put the red rug in the back of the living room?

Please pardon the bad styling and photography. I did move about 500 toys out of the picture, so I kind of rule.

I'm not convinced red rug will be ok next to those green chairs (it's definitely not as vibrant as my picture shows, but it's still dark raspberry red), however blue rug could be looking mighty fab with my giant fancy new Jenny painting:

abstract black white

And some new pillows made from this Robert Allen fabric:

I don't know... it's tough to say how this will look in real life. Could be good crazy. Could be bad crazy. That's a lot of squiggly lines and a lot of black and blue together.

When I can pull myself away from tree gazing I hope to move some things around. This is just the first configuration I'll try... I have a lot of big rugs now.

Of course, I also want more big rugs.

Of course, I also also want to stay married.

What do you think the chances of success for this new look are?

More than 50/50 = furniture moving time.

[images via pinterest and my house]




I'll let you ascertain what exactly the extra "F" stands for. On Wednesday I woke up sure that it must be Saturday, but no -- just another day in the longest week in the history of the world. So I apologize for not being the postess with the mostest, but when you're trying to type with Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me" cranked up to the max on a xbox dance game, you can't really expect much.

I will say that Ike is a very talented dancer. And yes, I am awaiting my parent of the year award. I hear it's coming any minute.

Anyhow, I'm having an internal debate about the wallpaper I had chosen for the front entry:

I'm looking for something that can play second fiddle, because Wallpaper X will be holding court next to the dark front room and I don't want the paper to get any melodramaculus ideas about stealing the show.

So this is Neisha Crosland's Zebra in stone, and it's a two roll minimum. From England with mega shipping rates. So that makes it well over $200 for this order alone. Now that's not a ton of $$$, but when I have a zillion things to buy it's about $100 more than I had intended to spend. Remind me again of why I'm not rich and famous?

Anyway I find myself shopping for wallpaper. Again. So far this is the best I've found:

I like most of Harlequin's Deco inspired Arkona collection, actually. Otto is a pretty pattern, but not quite as light and bright as the NC's Zebra.

Cole and Son's Malachite in silver on beige is also a contender. It's super hard to photograph, but I think this picture shows the color and texture well. You can also see a picture I took of it here.

So, I'm open to suggestions for interesting tone on tone wallpaper. Hit me with your best shot.

Or maybe I should just go with this mural:

It is pretty tempting... but I think I better stick with my original plan.

Happy TGIMFF, y'all.

Friday Thrift Store Score

Yesterday I realized that I've been moving like a zombie through life, with no time to do anything other than the bare minimum of dishes, laundry, child care, work, autopilot blog posts, rinse and repeat. With my first few minutes to spare in what seems like eons burning a hot hole in my pocket, I scooped up Ike and headed to the thrift store. Ah, the thrift store -- a smelling salt strong enough to bring even the grayest zombie back to pink and rosy liveliness. A creamy salve soothing enough to heal any wound. Too bad it doesn't do taxes and toilets, but a quick trip to the thrift store will fix just about any other problem I've got going on with its miraculous selection of crap I don't need but desperately crave. It satisfies my inner hoarder, and cheaply at that.

Anyway, I bought a heavy vintage vase covered in gorgeous green glaze, one that speaks to me of precious emeralds and malachite mysteries. This ain't the best picture, but y'all get the drift.

If you've been struggling just to tread water lately like I have, then I hope you find some time this weekend to hit your local thrift and uncover a treasure that speaks directly to your heart.

Hopefully for less than $5.