Minakani, Take Me Away

I just did a quick flip through my RSS reader and I've got to hand it to you bloggers, yesterday you were BRINGING IT. I saw more to-die-for rooms, artwork and Obama pillows then my heart could handle and, unfortunately, I have to ride on your coat tails with the world's shortest post. Now, wait, wait, before you get all angry, have I told you about my week? Did I tell you about the almost hairless, emaciated stray dog I found monday? Did I tell you about all my dealings with the local vets and shelters? Did I tell you about the criminal investigation I'm having the city pursue against his former owners? What about how difficult it is trying to adopt a very needy dog when he already has asshole parents? Oh, and I just got a new job. So, it's the end of the week, I need to go to my happy place, I'm pretty sure it's right here:

Wallpaper Line by Minakani, via Les Carnets du Design