Princes and Crows

I'm having trouble transitioning from holiday vacation mode to the real world, plus I only got four hours of sleep last night (thanks, Ike). So rather than attempting a coherent post, I'm just going to go for a rambling crazy stalker post. Sound good? I thought so, too. But then again, sleep deprivation can make many bad ideas sound delightful -- like mopping your floor at 5am, or drinking copious amounts of coffee just before bedtime. I also find myself frequently mixing up the freezer and the microwave which has been rather hard on the ice cream, but I digress.

I am obsessed with Princes and Crows wallpaper, in particular the Little Prince papers created for kids' rooms.

How awesome is Major Tom? He's flying to the moon in a cloud of... mushrooms. Ahem.

Lots of the Princes and Crows papers are printed on foil backgrounds so samples are a necessity. I ordered some for Ike's room and I can't wait to see them in person -- I hope that Major Tom is as glorious a Klein Blue as he looks in the first picture.

I also ordered some samples of Sea Ballet in gold and silver foil. Not sure what I would do with these, but I could imagine them as framed panels, kind of like a Zuber panorama.

The grown up line of wallpapers is equally lovely, and can be seen in the home of Princes and Crows owner, Alix Soubiran.

"Enchanted Gypsy" is featured in her living room. Sexxxy gold foil. Mmmm hmmm.

The boldly striped "French Room" lends casual elegance to a bedroom.

In my next house, I want "Santy Ano" on my ceiling, or maybe as a plexi covered backsplash. Golden goodness.

I'll keep you updated on my samples. I hope they get here soon. Like yesterday. I'm really not very patient when I'm tired.