It's Elementary

Although the temperatures in Austin are still hovering in the triple digits, the first day of school is just around the corner. For those of us who can say, "no more teachers, no more books...," school days always bring with them a whiff of nostalgia as well as a masochistic desire to relive the bad old days. Like that time I got asked to my first sleepover where we watched Dirty Dancing, and then the popular bitches waited until I fell asleep and poured warm water in my sleeping bag and woke me up to tell me I peed myself. And laugh. Cliche, but true, and frankly some of the "quirkier" stories are just too damn depressing for morning reading.

Yes, after puberty school becomes a minefield of unbridled hormones and misunderstood emotions. And so, dear readers, I present a day of letters and numbers, and hopefully a return to simpler times.

a print a day

Yasmine at A Print a Day's whimsical fonts (fashioned of stitchery and hair!) recall the apple for teacher days more than that time a dozen students from the opposing high school brought pistols and shotguns and hosted a full-on riot in our quad. Just like a movie! (via Exquisite Function)

A selection of pillows reminiscent of practicing handwriting on a Big Chief tablet. Can I still write without a computer...?


Clockwise from top left: Alexander Girard's OG design from way back in 1952 is back in production and available at Wrapables, some numerology from Urban Outfitters, a brown (?!!!) pillow from Dwell's baby line at Design Public, Alphabet pillow by Sukie at Three Potato Four.

Badass photogram of tiny objects arranged to compose the letters of the alphabet. C is for "Chain" and R is for "Rope." So much easier than C is for "Chitinous exoskeleton" and R is for "Remember that time you got dumped on the journalism trip by your first love? And then he started going out with that skanky ugly girl? On the SAME TRIP?"

Award-winning poster print by Dutch Osborne available from Spring Design. (via Elle Deco SA)

If you've ever had to eat your words -- like pretty much every time I ever said anything the entire time I went to high school -- then you'll appreciate this dinnerware:


Alphabet pot by Ayumi Horie at Reform School, subliminal plate set at CB2.

A pair of inspired selections in some of Karly's favorite colors:

urban outfitters letter scarf

On the left, Numbers Rug at Urban Outfitters. On the right, Uppercase Scarf at Little Factory that could have solved my first day of school fashion dilemmas. Instead I showed up in purple hair, black tights, orange wool tartan skirt, black sweater and Doc Martens. In August. In Texas. In Texarkana. In 1991. I had a lot of friends. Sike! (only about the friends part)


Pillows and totes made of recycled sailcloth by Reiter8. Kind of reminds me of some of the early DIY projects Sassy used to have, which my only friend and I would try (but usually fail) to complete. It's hard to finish things when you get sidetracked by your hormones. So instead of following Sassy's plans for a hideous skirt made from used ties, we stay up and smoke about 500 clove cigarettes and talk about THAT GUY, who, in an excruciating twist of fate, WE BOTH LIKE.

Oh, Magic 8 Ball of my future self's memory, I wish I had you in the past.

Because I'm feeling a little wound up now, a cleansing mental vacation from the evils of the unknown self:

number pillows

Image from Living, Etc., via Elements of Style. Me want those pillows!!!

Well, friends, I am off to Texarkana next week, where I'll be visiting with my little sister before driving her up to Arkansas for her first year of college away from home -- hence the trip down memory lane. I'll still be posting, but my internet access will be somewhat limited.

In the meantime, I'm wondering if you, my happy-well-adjusted-grown-up friends, have any grand tales to tell of your school daze? Were you Pretty in Pink, Better Off Dead, or Dazed and Confused?