Wild at Heart

This is one of those homes some people will love and many will hate. It's crazy bright, bold, full of contrast, and not without more than its fair share of nuttiness. The Hamptons beach house of fashion designer Lisa Perry is filled with more art than the Guggenheim, and all those towering white walls have the bombastic feel of a major American museum. I can't even imagine what it would be like to live here. Let's take a tour and see what you think.

White walls, black trim, lucite console, jade green and Chinese red = a good start.

For some reason I find the lamps and flowers ultra annoying, but I never met a Frank Stella I didn't want to french kiss, so this one makes the grade for me.

Those chairs are very larval, but I might have a soft spot for furnishings of the grub worm persuasion...

I suppose I could pick this apart, but I won't. Instead I'm going to imagine that I'm eating eggs benedict washed down with mimosas, and when I'm full to bursting I'll just scoot myself across the floor until I fall into the pool. Hopefully I will survive the long journey.

Look! They have my eggs ready and waiting. Over easy, how did they know?

Hey kitchen, I just might love you. I think the prints are by Enzo Mari, but I may be embarrassing myself, here. Cassie will know.

That Gaetano Pesce chair appeared in Max Azria's amazing home. Apparently it's very fashionable.

Mmmmmmm... no. Valentine's Day only comes once a year, and it should stay that way forever and ever.

Let's look beyond the fact that there are way too many beds in here and just agree this room is awesome. I want a green rug (pass on the wall to wall action) and a giant stuffed elephant in the worst way. Ok, I said I was going to look beyond it, but really -- four kids stuffed in one room when you live in a giant mansion? Or maybe it's a dormitory? Perhaps they hold Michael Jackson style dinner parties? What gives, people???

Insert your thoughts here. I probably share them.

That's it -- what did you think? Are you ready to move in, running the other way, or just planning a big heist?

[Lux Productions Photography via Trendland]