It's Such a Perfect Day

After weeks of pontificating, I decided maybe I should post something personal instead of just telling everyone what to do. Problem is, I'm so good at being the boss... of other people. When it comes to my own life, I feel messy and disorganized and indecisive. Case in point: I've been planning to present an updated home tour for months now, but realistically my house is only clean for one hour after the housekeeper leaves. And in that one hour I just want to sit down, knock back a martini, and bask in the zen of an orderly life. Ok, it may be more like two martinis and 15 minutes but you get the idea. I've realized that it's never going to be perfect around here and it is what it is... so have a look around. Just try not to delete me from your blog feed. Or fire me.

austin interior designer

Every (bleary) morning when I wake up in this room I think about how I need to take pictures. But I never make the bed, and there is still a baby bassinet in the corner where I change Luke's diapers, and the window seat always has a laundry basket full of clean clothes that need to be put away.


There is usually a pile of paintings around here. This giant 52" tall lady just came home with me. I imagine her in a smoky plum room with lots of walnut and gold and black Italian lighting. Who's with me?


I can't believe the boys haven't broken my heads yet... it's only a matter of time.


73 degrees! Springtime in Austin (all three days of it) is magical.


Zombie cat confuses Luke, who often pets and meows at her. She does a good job of covering my wacked out wallpapered outlet so we'll keep her.


The teal room is the repository of all my treasured possessions. I remember playing with this at my grandmother's house when I was Ike's age.

grandma and grandpa

My aforementioned grandparents. My mother drew these portraits decades ago and my brother and I are sharing joint custody of them. I hope he knows how much I love him for sharing.


It's also feeling rather hunt clubby in the teal room. Streaky glass adds that extra special touch that really says home.


 I caught a fair amount of flak for repainting my one room challenge dinette, but I really like the new art and wall color combo. It's still WAY peppy, but it's livable. The dining area is visible from much of the house so that's kind of important. I want to live.


Oh, Ike. Next year he starts kindergarten and while part of me has been looking forward to having a few free minutes to myself, most of me is preparing for the blubbery sobfest that is sure to take place on the first day of school. I'm going to miss my little cowpoke.


Aaaaaaand this is what the living room looks like at the end of a long day spent juggling kids and work and cooking and obviously not cleaning. It hurts me to post this, but I believe in honesty. I didn't try to dress this up (hahaha). I didn't even turn off the gross recessed lighting. This depresses me in so many ways... I hate messes for one thing. I also spend so much time making other people's spaces look good that I wonder why I can't just snap my fingers and make it happen for myself.

Sure, budget is one reason. I gots to get some new seating, and that will be quite expensive.

Indecision is another reason. Do I want a black leather sofa? Or maybe something in a slipcovered fabric? Sectional or sofa and chairs? I debate the pros and cons of these choices (and their budgetary repercussions) endlessly as I stare out across the sea of toys.

Kids are probably the biggest reason. What I have now is virtually kid proof, and it's old so I won't be (too) angry if they destroy it. Also I am busy. And tired.

And incredibly grateful. I'm so grateful to be busy and tired in a room full of busted up chex mix and noisy plastic toys, working on amazing projects with my two little helpers in tow. I couldn't ask for anything more, and I never want it to end.

So for now I will probably keep things this way, messes and all.