K-Dawg Update

A-hoy-hoy maties!  Sorry for the mega silence, between all the summer travels, interweb zombie attacks and Persian rug buying I've had zero zilch time to send you design love letters.  Please accept my sincerest apologies and give Erin a WhatWhat for, as always, keeping it 'tril. So, you cats want to know the down and dirty details of what I've been up to?  Well, apparently I've started saying cats, which is concerning, but also I've been slowly sprucing up my living room, which is not concerning but instead very very exciting.  Let's have a look see

So, what's new here?  1!!!!  I replaced my junky 8 x 10 black leather rug with this mega 11 x 14 persian beauty.  Thank you ebay for the deals, it was totally worth a week of sleepless nights and mouse-hand-cramps.

A-hah!  That is not all.  Some of you may notice and mourn the loss of my gold panther table.  I'm sorry.  I was done with it.  The fact that it was only mildly baby unsafe was enough to justify it's banishment in exchange for this Milo Baughman / Thayer Coggin sparkly white parsons number.  Tada.  Love.

Also, the table to the left of the couch is a blue laminate piece i picked up for a whopping $15 at Salvation Army.  It kills.  The lamp on the opposite side of the couch is a gagillion pound solid lucite piece that I nearly stole from my new secret favorite store.  Sorry, I don't kiss and tell.

What's in the works?  Art overhaul.  Tupac, I love you.  I love your mommy Hope who painted you, but you have been over 2 consecutive fireplaces and a television totaling 7 years of front-and-center display.  I'm going to put you away for just a little while and replace you with great aunt Tootsie's antique, geometric wooden mirror.

Dining room art?  I love you too, but I'm afraid you no longer fit in the mix.  I'm seeing something simple and graphic, perhaps several framed eye charts?  Readers, I'm open to suggestion here.

PS sorry for the crappy photo, i'm not erin.  It's a wonder i can even hold my camera still at all.

Ok, so these are actually not staying in my house despite the fact that they are stunning beyond words.  Good ole erin sleuthed them on the CL and we decided to split them among ourselves.  Despite our well-laid plans we have decided that the pair simply can't be parted and they are currently living in living room limbo until we hammer out plan B.  Hint:  Plan B may or may not be on our website soon and could possibly mean that these 6'4" beauties could land in your living room.

Side note, pretty please ignore the bear in this shot, I leave Eero's toys on the bottom shelf for him to fondle and forget to take them off before my high-profile photo shoots.  Good mommy loves baby more than decor.  Who knew that would ever happen?

Speaking of babies!!!!

I thought I would show you a couple of shots from the past few weeks since I haven't been around to sing your praises.  (did I mention that you are awesome?!) Here's one of eero at Grandmommy's house.  Why is he so confused?  I don't know, swimming seems pretty clear to me.  Maybe he's wondering how he got so cute?

After the family trip to g-ma's I had to venture to vegas for work.  Should you ever be so unfortunate to find yourself stuck on the strip for more than 1 day, do yourself a favor and zipline over freemont street.  You can thank me later.

PS, to anyone who lives in Vegas, I have no doubt that life outside LV Blvd is lovely.  Life inside it on the other hand...

So there you have it, living room make overs, giant lamp take overs, grandmommy sleep overs and zipline flyovers.

WTF was that ending?