For All You Lavender Lovers Out There

I'm just not a pink and purple kind of girl, (although my rather extensive childhood collection of My Little Ponies may provide evidence to the contrary), but I have to admit that lavender is occasionally stunning.

lavendar lavender purple stairs

Also, I love the lighted panel insets on the stairway. Also also, I think I really like Fornasetti, especially after seeing this rug in person at ABC Carpet (it's incredible!). But mostly also, I like the cooling effect of white with lavender. Because, while I usually favor neutrals and warm tones, just looking at red makes me sweat right now. It's so hot I don't even want to turn on the lights in the house, for fear of raising the ambient temperature to HOLY SHIT.

What I meant to say was: Have a fantastic weekend, ya'll!!!

[AD Russia]