TV is the Scourge of Humanity (and Decorating)

Yesterday we thanked The Rev for such a beauteous day off, and then we hit the San Marcos outlets in search of treasure. Because shopping is about cultivating peace and understanding, right? If we hadn't actually found something worthy of the trip, I would be depressed that I live such a miserable and shallow existence. On the other hand, have you seen what was happening with our tv situation?


Also, WOW I really need to take some new pics of the house. But I am lazy and Ike is home sick, so no pictures today.

I suck.

Anyhow, this is what we bought to disguise our components and "blend in" with the wall. Say hello to the West Elm Niche buffet. It usually retails for $699, but we got it for $199 because it had a few tiny chips here and there. High five.

While I kept holding out for some amazing antique to come my way, it actually fits the space fairly well. And it was cheap, so when Better Half Ben figures out how to hide the components by running cable through 2x4s and bricks (probably never), I won't feel bad about abandoning ship.

Now I just need to figure out how to style this sucker.

I shamelessly stole this image from Naomi of Design Manifest's pinterest, which is a total douche move because she was probably planning to post it tomorrow but I need it NOW.

To put myself back in Naomi's good graces (fingers crossed), I'm showing her Ikea Rast hacks that she used as a tv credenza. Crafty as all get out. I'm thinking I should paint the hardware on the Niche gold, and then steal the shelf idea. Because I am a thief.

I find Celerie Kemble's tv set up both charming and hilarious. Should I just put a giant vase full of flowers in front of the tv, cross my fingers, and pray no one notices it's there? Awesome.

And then there's fabulous Laura Day. No matter how many times I post this picture, it's never enough. My take away from this image is to make sure I tune the tv to 2001 or A Clockwork Orange before I photograph it in situ. Oh, and to buy an amazing Ello mirrored credenza, stat.

File that one under #thingsthatwillneverhappen.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some Downton Abbey to watch. Later, taters.

Reader Help: Calling All Restoration Experts (That Means You)

My new virtual bud and soon to be Austinite Rosie just sent me an email brimming with urgency, and when I saw the item in question my head almost exploded. Check it:

"Looking for some sound advice: I bought the attached chrome/mirrored sideboard on Ebay, and was chagrined to find that the seller left out some condition details: there's a light coating of hardened schmutz in various spots on the doors (Actually somewhat visible in the pic). I tried to scrape it off (bad idea) and am considering Goof-off, but am nervous about using it. Any other ideas?"

First of all, ZOMG! Did you really just buy that? Because I feel like it should belong to me...

It sure looks a lot like the mirrored credenza in one of my favorite rooms of all time, designed by Laura Day. I also feel like I have seen this beaut in another prominently featured interior, but I can't remember where... if you know what I'm prattling on about, send me a link and I'll post the pic. You will also receive my eternal gratitude for rescuing me from an Alzheimersish haze.

Ok, back to the matter at hand.

So I am having issues focusing on Rosie's request for help because I can't see through my angry tears of envy, but I'm going to try my best. First of all, do not scrape! The surface is fragile and can be scratched. Rosie says that the goo is mostly on the chrome parts, so she might have luck buffing it out with a balled up piece of foil, but I'm not an expert.

I know several of you out there have knowledge in this area, so if you know how to return this gorgeous hunk of bling to its pristine glory, let us know.

Meanwhile, I am going to try to figure out how to steal something for which there is no known location...

Rosie, maybe you better not move to Austin, after all.

Laura Day Living

Hey buddies, I'm still a little worn out from all the drama, so today's post is gonna be hasty but tasty. Remember Laura Day's amazing living room from the Lonny before last? I want to roll around in that room and rub my face all over it like an alley cat marking his territory. Like minded enthusiasts will be happy to know that Day has launched a webzine called -- what else? -- Laura Day Living, full of cute rooms and cute ideas. To me it reads like a cross between the dearly departed Cookie magazine and Domino, which is perfect for us breeders, but still engaging for those who aren't too haughty to bust out their Spin Art machines in Central Park (note to hipsters: Damien Hirst is doing it, so it's ok for you, too.)

See? A little spin art never hurt anyone.

Day's Hamptons beach home (don't hate) is filled with sunny neutrals, which leaves plenty of psychic space for daughter Olivia's massive toy collection -- all stowed neatly away in bins, of course. I love that she was able to make her home stylish yet kid friendly, because it's damn hard.

But don't let the wipeable surfaces and locking cabinets fool you -- Day is still a decorator. Even though we don't share the exact same aesthetic, I appreciate the way she mixes and matches, and mostly I just think her rooms are pretty.

Although the Baughman chairs and lucite tables are pretty badassical.

Oh, and momma like that light fixture. Vintage Mazzega, I'm guessing? Maybe Kalmar?

Plus you gotta love a gal that can afford the best, but has Ikea countertops.

Ok, that's it for today -- it was a long weekend full of summer fun, but now it's time to pay the piper. I don't think y'all would even recognize my house if you saw it today. It looks like tornado alley up in here.

Maybe Laura Day has space for guests?