Laser Light Show, Mini Edition

Every once in a while a little tidbit this way comes that has both of us rubbing our hands in glee. This is such a bit. Courtesy of our friend Andrea, check out these Babies With Laser Eyes.

babies with laser eyes

Yep. That's a baby with laser eyes.

Now, I know that DC is ultimately a design blog. We present you with hard hitting entertainicles on the best paint colors and furnishing trends, with a healthy dose of hip artwork and graphic design to round out the awesomeness. Do laser babies fit into any of these categories? I don't know. Blow one of these bad boys up into a poster and stick it on your wall. Your mom will love it.

babies with laser eyes

Who knew that babies could be raised on a steady diet of magic mushroom milk and Pink Floyd? The baby instruction manuals I read completely glossed over this important information.

babies with laser eyes

I'm pretty sure The Hunny is going to want a T-shirt of this one.

babies with laser eyes

Angry laser baby bad!

babies with laser eyes

This little dude is going to haunt my dreams, for reals.

babies with laser eyes

Can you say hot tub?

Let's just pretend for one minute that you don't like babies. Well, first of all that would be ridiculous. But whatever, we can't all be obsessed with chubby cheeks and giggles and precious bodily fluids. But if you don't like baby animals with lasers, then you are going to have to go somewhere else. Psycho.

babies with laser eyes

Awww, sweet double headed laser kitty. I want one so bad.

babies with laser eyes

Little laser puppehs.

babies with laser eyes

Undomesticated laser crossing.

How could this post be complete without featuring some of our own laser babies? First up is Andrea's brand new little man, Ozzy:


And Ozzy's crime fighting friend, Ike. These kids are going to get into so much trouble together.

babies with laser eyes

I did make his lasers green, but The Hunny informed me that Superman's special eye lasers are red. Duh.

For more lasertastic photos, and to learn how to add lasers to, well, anything, go here.

Just imagine the possibilities...

This just isn't my week

Ok.  So I've recovered from the internet outage of 2010 (with a new internet service provider, might I add) and have come to the table with fresh eyes. In order to make up for my crappy posts this week, I blew off work that NEEDED TO BE DONE to write a lovely post for you about a Texas family living in Las Vegas with a hot glue gun.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, 3 hours into my expose I learned that which my internet outage had been hiding from me:  ERIN WROTE ABOUT IT WEDNESDAY.  So, what are we to ascertain from this situation:

1.  Erin and I are slowly fusing into one person

2.  Time Warner cable is not my friend and they deserved my desertion

and finally, and most importantly

3.  One three hour post does not beget another so today you get another video because i just can't type anymore.

I strongly encourage you to spend the rest of your Friday afternoon evading your boss and watching all of the videos from Pleix here.  If you get fired, don't blame me, it's totally Designer's Brew's fault for sending me that awesome link to begin with.  Thanks DB!