Get Down, Stay Down

Our bed keeps getting bigger, and something must be done about it. We upgraded to a pillow top king years ago and it was a life changing decision, but I wasn't prepared for the rather epic proportions of our new purchase. I got over it. More recently we purchased a giant gel foam mattress topper, and it's getting princess and the pea comical up in here... pretty soon I'll be able to touch the ceiling while laying supine. I mean, the bed is so big I think it may go supernova on us. Critical mass time, dudes. What do we do?

So, I'm thinking the answer might be to put our bed on the floor. I just ordered yet another rug from ebay (rugaholics anonymous), and I be loving it. Except that the bed looks kind of like a houseboat floating adrift on the Persian Sea. Let us consider this conundrum and look at some options.

I don't actually know if this bed is on the floor, but it may as well be.

bed on floor

I've long since given up on the idea of a headboard. Screw it.

bed on floor

It's just going to be me and the bed. Oh, and Better Half Ben.

bed on floor

So what do we think? Should I pop that puppy off the supposedly low profile box springs and hunker down even lower?

Or is that look too dormy? Maybe I should get a platform?

Like, a 6" tall platform?

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