Smart Art

Poor K-Dawg is holed up with strep throat (2010, you need to shape up, you whippersnapper) so I'm writing a wee post to tide y'all over until her return. Yesterday I showed you some of my favorite abstract art/interiors combinations, and I thought I might add a few more mouth watering images. Also, one our our readers brought up some great points regarding art, sourcing and blogging, in general. Shilo of Yikes Machine (a beautifully curated blog) wrote: "I vote let’s credit not only the blogs where we nabbed the photos, and the photographers who took the shot, but also the designer of the chair, the stylist who put the room together and the artist who made the sculpture. This, of course means a lot more work for us bloggers, but I think ultimately the result will be a community-led education in Art and Design..."

Hey, I like that idea! Problem is, I'm kind of a dummy when it comes to painting, because I'm just a photographer by training and trade (wish I could have written that part very small and tiny like). But I'm a good sport, so let me hit you with my best shot:

ellsworth kelly

Ellsworth Kelly in Aerin Lauder's kitchen, via Elle Decor

josef albers

Josef Albers (a print, I'm guessing) via The Brick House

ellsworth kelly

Another gorgeous Ellsworth Kelly in a horribly photographed home via NYSD (thanks for the tip, Raina!)

kenneth noland

Awesomely shaped Kenneth Noland painting in an otherwise sleepy room, via Apartment Therapy

gemma smith

The other half of that amazing Vogue Living Australia spread, featuring the rad work of Gemma Smith

Ok, pals, hopefully this was educational (but not in a high school chemistry class kind of a way). Now I'm going to get to work identifying the art I showed yesterday... oh, this is going to be good times!