Blogcation All I Ever Wanted

Blogcation all I ever wanted!  Blogcation had to get away! A-hoy hoy dudes!  I'm back from the great beyond and ready to weave you tales of trials and triumph about this here blogcation I've narrowly returned from.  Much like a fated boat crew you may have heard about, my 3-hour tour turned into an indefinite strandation on mommy-island.  Before I get into the goods, let's give it up for E-dawg, who single-handedly steered the DC ship around these treacherous bloggy waters for the last 20+ weeks. Thanks, lady, for keeping us aprised of the Austin real estate market, workin up some decor hip hop number one smash hits, and for overall keepin it 'trill.  She was good to ya.  Ok, you may take your seats now.

Other than the occational check-in on Design Crisis while away on blogcation I didn't read a single thing about design.  If you told me the new keep calm and carry on is just a picture of a basketball hoop and that hoarding is the new black, I'd probably believe you.  Afterall, I've been living under a baby-shaped-rock and everything under here is dark and covered in spit up.

So, how's a mommy with decor blinders supposed to write a blog post?  Well, I'm going to combine everyone's 2 very favorite things:  photos of stranger's vacations and photos of stranger's kids.  I'm the stranger in this scenario.  And you're going to like it.  Go!  (ps, let's note that this is the longest intro ever.  20 weeks of blog silence makes me wordy I guess)  Ok, now Go!

Here's me in the early days of blogcation, 42.5 weeks pregnant and blissfully unaware of how easy I had it.

48 hours later, my giant handed baby Eero came along to rock our worlds.

After confirming that his hearing worked, they were ready to send us on our way.

On a side note, I would like to say that this hearing test is bunk.  The night before it was administered he jumped at the sound of a door slamming.  I tried to use that as solid proof that his ears were golden but no, i was forced to spend a bunch of money to find out (surprise!) his ears work.

side side note, to preempt any comments about "oh but some babies can't hear:" Those mommies figure it out pretty early on, at which point they can then OPT to have this test done.  But state law?  Come on.

We quickly mastered the art of sleeping (yay!) and swaddle breaking (boo!)

mommy continues to take pictures of him sleeping.

And we get to know the kitty cats.  (9 pound Gloria shown here)

We add holding up our head and smirking to the list of accomplishments

And we nap with the pops at Ross

Kitty friendship continues to develop.

We choose bloods

We go to birthday parties and show off our shades

We wrestle giant caterpillers

And we master the art of folding laundry so mommy can return to blogging.

And that's how I spent my winter blogcation.  You dudes (Connie) can stop your belly aching, I'll be back here every Wednesday.  Will I have time to brush up on the most recent design trends before then or will I just post more pictures of my sweet baby Eero?  Who knows, you homies will just have to show up to find out.