When I groggily gazed at the computer this morning, a post on modern austin acted as a virtual bag of smelling salts for my dreary eyes:  turns out that the delightful ladies of Prototype on South Congress are putting one of their houses on the market.  Audrey?  Emily?  Not sure which one of these cutie pies is moving but they're selling a house I would never want to leave.  Take a gander:

master bath

Clearly the crown jewel of the estate, this bath makes my heart go pitter pat.  It's also a great reconciliation between the great debate at my house:  I want a double shower, matt wants a tub. Voila, we'll have both, all  flanked by lovely tile and luxurious hardwoods.  Here's more:


le exterior.  looks like Jen Perkin's colorful house But wait, that's not all:

Living Room


Is it just me or does all the furniture seem a little too close to the walls?  There's so much space, let's see a more dynamic arrangement.  Otherwise, the space is clearly freakin perfection.  I don't even know which piece of furniture to point out they're all so damn marvelous.  Hopefully they'll end up at the store for sale once the house goes off the market.  Here's one more thing I want you to see:


adorable patio.  Oh, and one more thing:


I've already suffered through life with a red bedroom and will never go back, it was good for a while but then got old.  HOWEVER, j'adore le platform!  What a great way to divide up space.  My master is gigundus and I've been keeping myself up at night trying to think of the best way to break that puppy up.  Of course!  A platform, I'm seeing a lovely light wood... or dark.  

Oh!  That reminds me, I just picked up some fabric samples from Fanny's Fabrics for my new sofa, keep your fingers crossed that I'll have a couch redux update soon!