I'll Be Watching You

Friends, I'm feeling a bit like a Harlem Globetrotter juggling basketballs in a Scooby Doo special celebrity episode, except that I am not special, nor am I a celebrity. I'm just a sleep deprived wreck of a new mom that hasn't showered in days, but at least the baby's diaper is clean and there is food in his mouth. Don't think too carefully about that last bit. Anyhoodle, I'm not getting as much work done as I'd like, but my fancy new laptop arrives next week, which will hopefully write my posts for me. More importantly, I'm planning to spend some time catching up on all your awesome blogs and showering you with my witty comments. Until then, I'll be stalking your blog one handed on my phone. You may not see my presence, but it will be there...

wooly chair

Yes, much like the subtly creepy face embedded in Jason Miller's bison fur Wooly Chair, I'll be watching you.