Jamie Bush

A while back my pal David John of the uberfantastic blog You Have Been Here Sometime casually informed me that he had worked for Jamie Bush, architect and designer extraordinaire. I shouldn't have been the least bit surprised because David John is ultra talented, super educated, and lots of other important stuff. And then I started stalking Jamie Bush... dude has some genius solutions for odd spaces, and he knows how to work materials like nobody's business.

Just when I think I'm over Mid Mod, this comes along to remind me that I'm only over erstatz Mid Mod -- the ugly lovechild of fleabitten avocado green upholstery and big box espresso veneer.

I would happily sell my soul to live in a place like this -- half baked neotrad aspirations be damned.

I never said I wasn't a fickle beast.

[Pics via Remodelista]