Bad Stuff / Good Stuff

Yesterday was pretty demoralizing. I think I'm at the point in decorating and renovating where the easy stuff is done and shit is about to get hard. Matt came over to knock out the ugly built in desk and found that it was tiled in perfectly. Seamlessly. Invisibly. So now to remove the desk we have to remove and replace some tiles, which will be mad messy and is also annoying because all I really want to do is pulverize the entire floor and put in wood. Sadly that's just not happening until we redo the whole kitchen in a year or two.

Plus I am just feeling conflicted about everything -- paint, curtains, couches, tables, chairs, EVERYTHING. I know I'm taking on too many projects at once, but that's tough titty because I'm not bringing my fancy baby boy into an ugly house.

I just want my corner of the chaotic world to be neat and orderly (and ok, fabulously decorated) by the time the kid is born.

Is that too much to ask?

The good news is that Minty is here to help get me through this hormonal roller coaster. Behold:

Run by a trio of fabulous ladies -- Susie, Nelya, and Jenny -- Minty is a curated online shopping experience.

A HIGHLY INEXPENSIVE shopping experience. For example, that gorgeous pair of Ikat pillows is only $50.

But I probably shouldn't have told you that, since I may buy them myself.

Like I said, yesterday kinda sucked.

Today is time for retail therapy.

Go to there.