Doggy Style

I love a good weiner... dog, that is. This weekend, we joined Karly and Mattybear at the Weiner Dog Races in Buda, TX, a wee country town just minutes south of Austin.

weiner dog races

Photo by Jay Janner of the Austin American Statesman

It had to be the weirdest county fair I have ever been to, but I gotta say that the pups were doggone cute. So today I'm posting a few doggy decor items inspired by our day at the races. Blue ribbons not included.

Dog speakers

Dogs as typefaces, via Swiss Miss

dog speakers

I am obsessed with these headless dog speakers. Woofers by Sander Mulder.

Dog speakers

Available in a limited run of only 50 pieces, these little dudes by Matteo Cibic have a fine pedigree.

dog stoll ibride

Ibride's Sultana Dog Stool

dog mask boontje

I love this Dog Mask Mirror, designed by Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden for Artecnica.

hand made wallpaper

Check out this amazing tutorial on how to screenprint your own wallpaper. If you've ever screenprinted anything, you know what a crazy big achievement this doggie wallpaper by Polly Danger is.

whippet bench

And finally, an oldie but goodie -- the Whippet Bench by Radi Designs even comes in gold. Truly, that must be man's best friend.

I'm leaving y'all with a little pic of Me and Ike in the petting zoo at the fair. We survived the voracious baby eating goats... barely. I'm not sure Ike's pacifier will ever the the same, though.

petting zoo

Sorry our posts are looking all wonky... we're having some weird wordpress glitches that force us to code in HTML and mama no likey. Hopefully it'll all magically resolve itself soon.

That's it for the weekend wrap up. Did any of you do anything super exciting? Tell me all about it.

Nipping this animal thing in the bud

I know I'm supposed to be bombarding you with the best review of Top Design this side of the Mason Dixon line BUT I had an art opening to go to last night (for the lovely miss Hope Perkins) and had to DVR the decorating bloodbath.  I'll be watching it post haste and will immediately run back to my computer to give you the play-by-play of your dreams.  In the mean time, I'm hoping to hold you over while strangling the last bit of life out of this animal trend: So, let's talk about ibride.  The first time I saw their trays I was 100% smitten, then I saw them 67 more times and was a little over the phenomenon, now I've seen them 432 times and thought I never wanted to see them again until they released their new line last week at the  MAISON & Objet exhibition in Paris.  So, what do we think now:

ibride trays

ibride 2

Do we like them more or less than the trays I got at the thrift store this week? (try not to let my professional photos and the $1.99 neon green price tag sway you):

ugly tray