I totally have the best post ever for you

April Fools!

No Post today, suckers!  

Thanks to Ugly House Photos for the stunning image above

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Oh, and one last thing before I go, congrats to Hannah and Brian (of Hannah and Brian's curtain dilemma fame) on the birth of their bouncing baby girl yesterday.  Kisses and Love, homies!


Weekend Bonus: For Anyone Who Would Like Their Retinas Burned

Ahhh, it's that time of the week again:  weekend bonus time, where, if you're lucky, I find the most ridiculous +/or hideous piece of decor currently on the market.  This week's edition is especially exciting because I know so many of you (I'm talking to you Erin) LOVE them some tufted leather.  Watch the leather craft get violated before your vary eyes:

ha ha

What's that?  You need a closer look?  You're the boss:

ha ha ha

Get a load of those arm rests!  I get that this chair is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, but it really isn't funny.  It looks like it should be in a die-hard-sports-fan's game room.  And I never ever want to go into a die-hard-sports-fan's game room.

Oh, if you want one of these (?????) you can get it here: chesterfold