Daily Double

Happy Memorial Day, blog buddies! My parents are in town and I've got some serious visiting to attend to, so let's get down to business, shall we? First, the winner of our Horsey pillow giveaway is... (Drumroll, please)

Congratulations to Jeannine of Small and Chic!

Let's all put our gloves together and tip our derby hats for Jeannine and her new equine pal, Sadie. I just know those two crazy kids are going to be so happy together! Sadie should probably count herself lucky not to be named Gluestick or Turnip Head, although she may have held her head high if called Percival J Teddington, Madame Hortense Foster, or even Neigh Neigh. She most certainly would have relished another moniker with moxie -- Ecumenical Equine Ecstasy, or Easy E for short. But I have no doubt that (sexy) Sadie will be right at home with her new name and new home.

If you're crying tears of sadness that la Horsey won't be headed home with you, go HERE to buy him. And while you're at it, check out some of CSN's other fine offerings at their All Modern store... with a super selection and free shipping, it's all awesome.

Our second order of business is maxxxxxing up this holiday! I hope you're all lounging by pools or sashaying around boats with cocktails in hand while showing off your pearly white shoes and hats. If you happen to be slumming at home, playing it low key, that's ok, too. I'll just leave you with a little virtual vacation:

Ahhhh. So fresh and so clean, clean.

We'll be back tomorrow, and I'm expecting the full blow by blow of your weekends. Until then, have a fabulous holiday!