Thomas Paul Pillow Giveaway: Name This Horsey!

That's right, my thoroughbred friends -- we've got an equestrian themed GIVEAWAY in honor of Karly's sold out edition of Horsey prints! This one comes courtesy of the fine folks at CSN Stores, who sell everything from bathroom vanities to Knoll and Kartell housewares through their mammoth collection of 200+ stores. I'm sure you can imagine that sifting through 489,654 items before selecting La Horsey was quite the sweaty herculean task, but it's ok. Don't worry about me. Everything I do, I do it for you. Now that I've drummed up an appropriate amount of sympathy and lodged a ridiculous Bryan Adams tune in your collective head, let's move on to the good stuff!

Just look at those sweet baleful eyes... who wouldn't want to give this little guy (or gal) a good home?

Measuring a substantial 22 x 22 inches square, our equine friend is hand screened with java colored ink onto jute, finished with leather piping, and stuffed silly -- because no one wants a skinny pony. Our lucky winner can display him (or her) whether they be old money or poorgeoisie -- this pillow has legs. Somewhere.

The Brass Tacks: Enter to win this FREE Thomas Paul pillow, valued at $80, by naming the horsey in the comment box below. That's right -- all you have to do is NAME THIS HORSEY to win a FREE Thomas Paul pillow. You have until Sunday, May 30, at 12 noon CST, to leave your comment below. A random number generator will choose the winner, who will be announced on Memorial Day, Monday the 31st. Sorry, due to shipping constraints, this contest is only open to US and Canadian residents. Please enter only once, but feel free to tell your friends and neighbors, announce this contest on facebook, and tweetaleet all about this bizness. We're looking forward to some excellent names, the best of which will be announced along with the winner, because bragging rights are almost as good as a free pillow right? Right?

Now saddle up and get cracking. Yee haw!

Birthday Horse Roundup Part 2

Welcome to part deux of my deux part pony post.  We here at the DC headquarters are still bathing in the afterglow of my birthiversary and enjoying the bounty that you all have provided.  So, what are we waiting for, let's hop to it

Since it is day 2 of my horsey round up, I thought it would be appropriate to start with this image of 2 beauties sent to me by, well, honestly, i'm not sure who it was sent to me by.  I think I might be going insane.  I pulled this link on my b-day when you were all being so loving and kind, but now I've poured through my emails and comments and can't find who sent it or where it is from.  I must look like the worst gift receiver in the United States of America.  Rest assured, I am.  I am terrible.  Will someone step forward and please claim this link?  I love the pic and am forever in-debt to you.

Bad-Friend-Karly-Crime solved!!!  The always lovely Andrea sent me this pic

This double-the-pony-double-the-fun photo was sorta kinda sent to me by the lovely miss Rachel Denny.  She sent me a link to the photo below by photographer Tim Flach.  I fell in love with all his work and had to go on a wild horse linking spree

A++ on the links, Rachel!

Some of the grooviest links I got showed horses in my favorite spot:  the home

This to-die-for wallpaper was sent to me by TWO readers (oh how you know me well), both Gracie and Stephanie know a fantastic wall when they see one.

Raina Bear pointed me to this fine fine image on NKP's blog.  I have since suffered from insomnia caused by spending too much time at night trying to figure out how to make my very own.  Any suggestions?

NKP took it up a notch by posting this photo on her blog AND sending it to my inbox:

Perfection, oui?  Such nice readers we have, I kinda can't get over it.

Let the room tours continue!!

Camilla popped her head up from down under to share this dream room with k-dawg.  The wallpaper / lighting / horse combo is almost too much for my heart to handle.  Almost.

I am a jerk.  Please see the caption under photo number one to find out why there is not more information here.  I think maybe I should have asked for an organizer for my birthday.  

UPDATE: Case Closed!  It was Andrea!!!

Thank you again to Andrea for this amazing horsey:

same here.  I really am not worthy of your readership.  I know you guys are never going to send me links again.  I really can't explain how I lost these, all the comments should be right there and my inbox hasn't been emptied.

I do know that Pillow Mint sent me the lovely works of Emmett Williams, which deserve their own lovely rooms to hang in

Susie Q got all cubist on me, which is just fine, especially when said cubist horse appears to have wings

and finally, I think these photos sent by Gracie best depict how i felt on my big 3-1:  Happy as a pink horse with a mouthful of carrots.  Thank you so much, everyone, for playing along with my silly reindeer games.  I felt nothing but love on the big-ish day


Your Horsey Post, Part 1

Well, guys, you did it.  I must say, I am mighty proud of you, I'm starting to wonder why I even bother coughing up this nonsense every other day when clearly you all find more and better things than one girl could ever hope for.  In short:  you all are awesome and you totally made my birthday.  You dudes sent so many awesome horse links that I had to break this post right down the middle:  you get half today and the rest on Thursday.  So, what do you say, let's get part 1 of the horsey show-and-tell-birthday-party-started, yes? yes.

Oh, one more thing, because I love you all like my very own children and what sort of mother picks favorites, I am posting these in no particular order.  Kisses!

This black beauty was a flickr find by our buddy across the pond, Nath.  Usually recognized in these parts for her clever comments, Nath stands tall today for her outstanding achievement in horsey finding.  Here are more of her flickr finds:

Nath found these blurry beauties trapped in the corner over at Danske's Flickr

She found these precious angels on Cryptia's Horse Set, as in, an entire set devoted to horses

Nath drove it home with this abstract gem from Esther Aart's flickr

.... which, kinda sorta reminded me of this 'spensive birthday treat:

Mama must have been really nice to Sherry, either that, or she wants me to put her damn bracelet in the mail, because this abstract little birthday horse requires an appointment for a private viewing just to see the dang thing.  I can't believe they let the camera flash near it.  Sherry must have written them a nice note on my behalf. 

Sherry also sent me these psychedelic horsies to compliment the acid trip I was sure to partake in to celebrate the big 3-1.  I have to say, I really wouldn't kick horse #2 out of my house, maybe just out of that frame.  Believe it or not, these weren't the most bizarre horses to join the party

DC crush, and former blog post featured designer, Rachel Denny invited me on a fantastical trip to the circus.  I was confused and therefore beyond delighted to find this little gem of a photo when clicking on her invitation.

Back in the land of abstract ponies, we have Woman on a Horse, a proud creature found by the queen of finding things, drollgirl.  And with this, let's go ahead and start a horse sculpture party:

Camilla featured this drool-worthy crystal horse on her blog recently.  I had finally calmed my head with nearly illegal amounts of smelling salts when both Erin (our erin) and Camilla resent the link, sending me back into a downward spiral of longing and desire.

If crystal ponies are just a hair out of your budget, might I suggest you go with something a little more understated.  This driftwood horsey found by new blog friend, Guto, proves that waves and wood have a purpose after all.

Incase you can't dedicate your entire lawn to a horse sculpture (a confusing thought, but, whatever) you downsize to just the head as found by new blog buddy, Katie

Blog BFF Raina wins a badge of honor for wading her way deep within fields of Mooi lamps to bring me back this never-before-seen horse sculpture.  I have lots of horse junk around my house, but I can attest to the fact that finding a singular piece with 3 horses is nearly impossible.  It's like the white whale of horse tchotchkes. 

To round out the sculpture section of the post, Cassie has hooked me up with a link to a horsey that I might actually be able to afford in my lifetime.  These DIY horses come with step by step instructions here

And finally, to finish off part 1 of horsey time, a picture I've been crying my eyes out about since I was sent the link on Friday

I really and truly thought that Andrea was not only a blog friend, but a friend in real life as well.  That was until she ripped my beating heart straight out of my chest by sending me a link to this sold out artwork.  Ok, sold out in the size I can afford, which is almost worse.  Dying, I tell you, dying!

Guess what guys!  I've posted a gazillion pictures and we're only halfway there.  Why?  Because you dudes are awesome and sent me a ton of links.  Come back by on Thursday and we'll view part 2, which, I must admit is beyond rad as it includes manymanymany badass horse-art-in-phenomenal-rooms-pics.  See your sweet asses then.