If it Weren't Friday I Might Murder Myself

After a relatively upbeat week I am heading into the weekend as a major grumpasaurus. Why, you ask? (Or maybe you didn't ask, but since I have control of this here convo I'ma gonna tell you.) It's because I went to the doctor yesterday expecting better news regarding my dumb pregnant problems, and instead they are worse. I am working really hard to be angry because anger trumps the wimpy weepies every day, and it is working. Sorry that you all should feel the flinty edge of my wrath -- you really don't deserve it. And we'd all been having so much fun lately.

So never mind bad things and let's take a quick look at entry hall ideas instead.

I could spend eternity attempting to transform our rather modest foyer into something as grandly delectable as this one, designed by Isabel Lopez Quesada. But good architecture is a lot like cheekbones: either you have it or you don't. And those of us that don't must resort to seedier means of coquetry, namely makeup.

In decorating terms we're talking wallpaper and paint and fabulous objects, and if anyone knows anything about dressing up a space, it's Tony Duquette's ex partner Hutton Wilkinson.

Our entry definitely falls into the "needs more makeup STAT" category. In the interest of moving that along, you may recall that I've been painstakingly collecting enough wallpaper samples to paper every house in the neighborhood, but I think I've finally narrowed my choices down significantly. I've yet to photograph the samples in situ, but here's a hint about one of them:

I called the nice folks at Twigs and they were kind enough to send me a sample in every colorway of their Pheasant wallpaper. It is bananas, people. INSANE. Maybe too insane. I don't know.

We'll talk about it next week. Until then, I hope you have a lovely weekend filled with donuts and down pillows... or whatever it is you're lusting after. Being pregnant does weird things to you.