Good Stuff

It's still feeling a little dreary around here -- outside it's dark, cold and rainy, Ike got four shots this morning, and an earthquake just swallowed up 50,000 people in Haiti. Yeah, that last one is a doozy. I'd say we're all due for something pretty and colorful, yes?

paula arntzen

paula arntzen

These gorgeous light sculptures by Paula Arntzen are handcrafted of paper which was screenprinted with fluorescent ink. They're so festive, I'm inspired to throw an impromptu dance party for me and the Ikesaurus. I think I'm going to switch on the Christmas lights (yes... they're still up), crank NWA up to 11, and get jiggy with it. Ike loooooves gangsta rap -- it's going to be awesome.

For more eye candy, be sure to check out Paula's website.

And if you're feeling some extra love, head over here for ways to help send relief to Haiti.

Wishing you all a bright and happy weekend!