Everything's Coming Up Acid Wasp

We have discussed this before, but I have decided that Acid Wasp is like grandma chic if your grandmother were someone super cool and very trippy, like Keith Richards (not to be confused with Johnny Depp pretending to be Keith Richards, aka Pirate Wasp). Doesn't Keith Richards kind of look like your grandma, even? Just kidding, that would be highly insulting to grandmas everywhere. Anyway, I am derailing myself with this bizarre KR fixation. This post is about swank, traditional rooms. On acid.

acid wasp arch digest

The ruffles make it waspy, the art and colorblocking make it trippy.

acid wasp

A bedroom in the same home, owned by perfumer Frederic Malle. The wallpaper/quilt combo is just so outrageous.

acid wasp ny townhouse

This gift came via email from one of my OG blog buds Molly, who informed me this New York townhouse is for sale. In real life. I mean, you could buy this sweet pad (if you were packing 6 million B's). That couch is really changing the way I view craigslist... $100 chintz couches are more to scale with my budget.

jason nixon

Jason Nixon's home came to me from the always lovely Anita, who knew I would be blown away by the insanity. This is like acid AND mushroom wasp, with a heaping helping of everysingleotherdrugknowntoman on top.

I'm still on the fence as to whether Daphne Guinness' fabulous apartment fits into this mix. Maybe a little too fashion forward?

trad home, animal prints

This Trad Home room is kind of the penultimate Acid Wasp design. Classy (not klassy) sofa in fancy Quadrille fabric: check. Amphora on the wall: check. A million mixed prints: check. I kind of find myself wishing the coffee table were something a bit more woody and traditional, though. Wtf is happening to me?

robert couturier

Notice I said penultimate, because this parlor in Robert Couturier's Soho loft is the ultimate Acid Wasp design. English rococo painting floating above a 50s zebra sofa? Genius. The red rug knocks me out, too.

So, what do you dudes think about all this wacky do stuff I've been posting? Do you yearn for the days of mid mod and 70s brass? Is it all a bit too too much?

I think that may be the point, though.