Fly High to the Angels

Lately I've felt the pull of dark spaces with mod, streamlined furnishings. Oh, who am I kidding -- I always feel that way. Well today I'm busting out my bestest of the best... I've been hoarding some of these for a while now, and I feel a little verklempt about releasing them into the world, like a momma bird pushing her babies out of the nest. You bitches better come back to me -- I mean, I love you and want you to fly on your own. And then COME BACK.

living etc dark dining room

wallpaper magazine deco feel

curbed ny

mark seelen

I usually only show odd numbers of pics for my posts because I am OCD like that (and because odd numbers are infinitely superior), but anything else I add to this group will just destroy the mojo.

Bask in the glory. Soak in the coolness. Fly like a winged evangelist and spread the moody word.

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On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever

20x200 can be hit or miss for me. On one hand, it makes works by master artists like the Starn twins or Roger Ballen available to middle class collectors, and it also spreads the word about up and coming photographers like Todd Hido and Eirik Johnson. But it can often dive deep into the twee abyss, cranking out overly cute editions. I don't fault them for it (hey, we've all got to make a living somehow), but I like 20x200 best when it takes risks and puts out thoughtful work from relatively unknown artists. And if that thoughtful work is aesthetically interesting, well then super extra bonus points. Long story short, I like recently published Jenny Odell's work a lot. Thank you, 20x200. You get a gold star from me.

Odell's composite images created from satellite views feature industrial buildings, pools, grain silos, and boats. Voyeurism coupled with a smidgen of melancholy, finished by a dash of slick techno remove, makes for a fine series of work.

195 Yachts, Cargo Lines, Tankers, and Other Ships is available for purchase at 20x200 HERE.

I really hope the pools are up for grabs next...