I can not live with your design, Top Design

I tossed and turned all night last night, I was just so torn over my Top Design recap:  I owe it to them, they come back every week for it..... oh but the show is so boring and the pictures of the rooms are just going to muck up your pretty pretty blog... well there was that hideous DECOUPAGE wall in the bachelor pad.  Yes, yes I can write about how a team of 3 adults thought it would be appropriate to adorn the walls of a 23-year-old-frat-dude's apartment with faux archival botany prints then cover them with modge podge.  Oh, but what will I say after that?  And I still REALLY don't want to post those pictures. Then, in the crisp clear light of the morning dawn, I realized:  we shall have a compromise.  In the spirit of Top Design, we will be having a smallish (read:  the only prize is the glory that comes with my big ups) contest.  Last nights TD challenge was to decorate a bachelor pad.  So, what say you, can you find me some good bachelor pads?  Link to them in the comments or post them on your own blogs.  I want to see some hot man decor porn.  If you all play nice I'll do a recap post with the swanky pads.  Winner gets my undying love and a framed lamborghini poster*

I'll go first:

I'm sure Patrick Bateman killed all his dates so he could stay single forever and rule this apartment.

*not really