Andrea Roe's Super Dreamy Gift Guide

I'm a terrible gift shopper, so thank the dear sweet baby Jesus for Miss Andrea Roe -- gift buyer extraordinaire. Karly and I have both been recipients of her fabulous picks, so we thought we'd spread her magic touch to you, too. Check out her super selections and start stimulating the economy already! There are generally two contrasting personality types,  the high-strung Type A and the easy-going Type B.  I prefer labels that aren't so clinical, such as Realists and Dreamers. In an ode to Modern Family, one of my current favorite shows featuring the truly Type A Pritchetts, we have gifts in both ends of the personality spectrum. Hooray!

Alright, Dreamers....Behold, a metallic cowhide rug from Calypso St. Barth.  Eat your heart out, Kelly Wearstler.

Of course, Dreamers are always on a perpetual search for inspiration, and what better source of inspiration than the magic of music? Right on, man. Your ear drums will thank you a million times over for spoiling them with these sweet art-deco era headphones.

If you are a more tactile spirit and require visual inspiration, let your hands peruse the pages of THE Master Dreamer and fashion designer extraordinaire, the late Alexander McQueen's book. Each page is guaranteed to suck you in while marveling at his craftsmanship and while providing a glimpse into his fantastical universe.

For those of you who are Dreamers-on-the-Run who have a full-time job and a kid or two or three or a million cats and just need a daily reminder to slow down while cooking dinner, feeding the dog, doing loads of laundry, remembering to brush your hair, chasing dust bunnies across the house while trying to find 30 minutes to watch Modern Family, just STOP. And. Take ten seconds. To these gorgeous gemstone magnets on your finger-print covered fridge. Ahhhhh, all better now.

Don't worry, Dreamers-Who-Work-in-an-Office, I got your poor souls covered, too. All you need to do is get yourselves one of these sweet dodecahedron terrariums, or, two or three, for your office or tiny cubicle and daydream away. Fact: I'm pretty sure this is the first thing in my entire life I have ever written using the word dodecahedron.

Alright you active sporty Dreamers, this one's for you. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say this horse swimsuit is the new 'Three Wolves Howling at the Moon' t-shirt. Not only is it sexier by a million, it can get wet. Rawwwr!

Finally, for those Dreamers who are perhaps not as bold and are a little more reserved: You love to entertain and host sophisticated cocktail parties and want whomever comes to your chic house to admire this statement piece hanging above your couch that you just purchased on 1stDibs, iconic Barry Feinstein's photograph of legendary Dreamer Bob Dylan, then turn around and look at you and say, "Dreamer, you are all-right!"

Next up, we have the Prichetts -- the Type A folk, the structured planners and organizers.  People who like to Keep.It.Real.

Raise your hand if you enjoy being so organized you purchased a 2012 calendar three months ago. If so, I bet you didn't score one of THESE babies. Karly, with a name like Dreamcats, this calendar has your name all over it.

For all of you OCD homies, you will no longer have to measure your carrot sticks 20 times in a row to make sure they are all the exact same length. This genius cutting board will save you hours of measuring. You will have THE most precise charcuterie plate out of all of your friends. Or the entire population of Austin.

If you wake up one morning and find yourself in an introspective and analytical mood, perhaps you can mediate on this Rorschach-inspired ink blot mug. May I suggest that your meditation may be facilitated by a little Jameson Irish Whiskey and Bailey's. I don't know first hand, that's just what I've been told.

For those of you Prichetts who are more nostalgic and prefer to hold on to the simpler way of doing things, you will love this chrome desk pencil sharpener, a throw-back to the scholastic era of open-front public school desks and greasy square hamburger cafeteria lunches.

You cannot be a Pritchett if you are not punctual.  What better way to help manage your time than this classic George Nelson clock. Realists know no such things as alarm clocks or iPhone alerts.  You need something with a uni-tasking purpose, a strong, reliable time keeping machine!

Just because you are practical does not mean you don't like to have a bit of fun. You most certainly may plan a 'crazy' Friday night out two weeks ahead of time on a cool Fall night. You never leave home without your colorful Ikat throw in case a freakishly cold breeze blows in. The bold colors and eye-catching pattern lets others know how zany and/or funky you truly are.

And of course, you will immediately rush home at a respectable hour of 10:00pm from your wild escapade of an evening to thank your friends for a wonderfully restrained yet tantalizing evening on this sleek vintage typewriter. The smell of white-out tape and clickity clacking of the key stokes is what really gets your endorphins going, after all.

Thank you Erin for asking me to write a gift guide for your special blog. I hope I did you and Karly proud.
Happy Everything, Everyone!!

Good Gifts: For the Haute Hipster

Contrary to popular belief, not all hipsters are dirty. It's true that many are mullety and mustached, but lately I have sensed an upwardly mobile air about the bright young things. Maybe it's because they aren't quite so young anymore and were forced to clean up for their day jobs at Apple, or maybe it's just because style in general is trending away from whimsy. In an economy with an uncertain future, it's expensive to be a slave to flash-in-the-pan trends, and on the streets I'm seeing a lot of timeless classics with funky layered twists. Aspirational? Perhaps. But the true hipster will still thrift it whenever possible. Fake it til you make it, bitches.

And in that spirit, let the world know who's best in show with this vintage trophy inspired cream and sugar set. $18 from Etsy.

I've been snatching up vintage wool deck blankets by the dozens. I think I'm going to try to thrift some old belts or suspenders and rig up a carrying strap like so. If you're a holiday procrastinator like me, then you can just buy this one as a gift. Tick tock, says the Christmas clock... $78 at Urban Outfitters.

You need an Antoni Tapies poster of his Ultramarine Composition. It's like Yves Klein noir. $35 from All Posters.

Anything by Pierre Cardin is an acceptable gift (except for the perfume... you know what I'm talking about). These 70s French Opera style glasses are the bizness. $15 from Etsy. Pssst, if the glasses are not not right for your giftees, check out his vintage jewelry.

Neither inexpensive nor thrifted, this leopard pillow still hits all the right notes. Animal prints look cheap in the wrong fabrics, but this needlepoint cotton and wool number is klassy yet sassy so you can (safely) take a walk on the wild side. $215 from Ethan Allen.

Adjust your frame of reference to a geologic time scale with gorgeous agate bookends by Roost. Suddenly it seems the holiday madness will be over in the blink of an eye. $71 from Velocity.

I just don't feel like I can wrap up a Design Crisis gift guide without something gold and wildly expensive... Let's just say that this diamond studded, gold plated swiss army knife costs thousands of dollars, but I'm definitely feeling that a sweet vintage pocket knife is a good gift. Check your local pawn shop -- seriously. I mean, have you seen Pawn Stars? Madness. And because I know some of you want an online hookup, there's also a somewhat lesser version of this knife (but still gold!) available through Victorinox's online store for $145.

Don't you feel richer and more expensive, yet still edgy and cool just from reading this post? If not, go back and reread... you must have missed something. It can't be my fault. (Can it?) At any rate, I hope you got some good gift ideas. Now go buy something.