Calling All Fabric Fiends

Has something ever hunted you down and utterly possessed you in a wholly unhealthy way? In a way that pervades even your dreams and interferes with the ability to eat or watch project runway or maybe even shower? This is that thing. WHAT IS THIS PILLOW FABRIC?!

nick olsen bedroom

Everything about this bedroom by Nick Olsen is magical perfection to my eye... even the west elm rug. But I really need that pillow fabric. Need. It. I also saw that Suzanne Kasler used it on a chair to captivating effect, though I can't track down the image and frankly can barely even think to type this short post.


Towards a New Geometry

Bang, bang, Baroque is dead. There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Euclid. Along with Deputy Pythagoras, Sheriff Euclid is here to promote order -- no blurry lines for this straight edged law man. Still, Euclid ain't afraid to loosen up and get all scalene in the hizzy. So bust out your protractors and compasses, and don't forget to bring your perpendicular polygons. Kids, we're gonna wax axiomatic today.

geometric karl anderson

Softly rounded biomorphic ribbon chairs by Pierre Paulin are the perfect foil to hard angles. via Karl Anderson.

west elm

Hot shiny circumference supported by sexy supplementary angles = featherweight heavy hitter. Geo Side Table by West Elm, $199.

geometric kelly wearstler

Kelly Wearstler knows a thing or two about balancing solid forms. I love this idea. Going to tell The Hunny to bust out his whittling knife and get busy.

geometric ngoc minh ngo

Who wants a piece of the Pi? Just don't forget to square the radius, or you may end up with a wimpy circumference. via Ngoc Minh Ngo

west elm

These wee Hexpods would be fab dangling from fishline, forming a constellation of acute angled beauty. I would paint them gold and silver and hang them in front of a black wall. Small Hexpod is $9.95 from CB2.

geometric ruy texieria

Hexagons and rhombuses, unite! via Ruy Teixeria

chad hagen

Chad Hagen's Nonsensical Infographic No. 1 may not prove any corollaries, but it does demonstrate how beautiful spatial relationships can be. Prints available through 20x200.

ngoc minh ngo

No funny stuff, just crushing on these rectangles. I want this painting bad. via Ngoc Minh Ngo.

geometric owi

Apparently the home owner never leaves his house. I wouldn't either if I had a pool flanked by these mirrored isosceles megaliths. via OWI

stockholm rug ikea

I'm considering this rug for my redesigned living room. It's probably too busy, but think of how much cat hair it would hide. Ikea Stockholm Rug, $229.

geometric ruy teixiera

Wouldn't it be awesome if just one window in your house had beevision? You have to appreciate how orderly those little captains of industry are. via Ruy Teixeira.

geometric theurer

Balance. Mathematical perfection can come from a paint can. via Christoph Theurer

urban outfitters

Boho Geo Fringe Pillow courtesy of Urban Outfitters, $38. Love it.

geometric theurer

This is quite possibly the coolest bathroom I have ever seen. Something tells me I can't get those cabinets from Ikea, but that's not going to stop me from lusting after their trapezoidal beauty. via Christoph Theurer

That's it for today's roundup. Hopefully you were all able to follow along, and are prepared to take a pop quiz. Questions: What do you think of this new trend? Do you mourn the absence of curlicues? Could geo peacefully coexisit with flowery damask?