Light and Bright Feels So Right

Today I'm going to keep it casual  -- bathrobe still on, coffee in hand, chillin' on the patio, casual. Summer is over, but fall in Austin is a glorious time. For one thing, it's actually hospitable, in that going outdoors may not induce spontaneous combustion. For another, things start to wind down and transition into the holidays, and it's important to take a breather before the madness of Hallogivingxmas is in full swing. So I've got a double dose of cozy goodness for you, to help get the unparty started. First of all, Alek of the very awesome blog From the Right Bank to the Left Coast is running the "What's Your Style in One Picture" challenge, and Ima gonna play. Of course, I can't really answer this question because I am the most schizophrenic decorator ever born, loving the sleek seventies one day and rustic touches the next. But today is casual day, and having a theme always helps me to winnow the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

ace hotel palm springs

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, via If the Lampshade Fits.

I know, I know. It's so uncharacteristically spartan of me to choose this. But sometimes I feel I need a visual vacation from overdecorated spaces. I like the undone quality of this room, and the carefully chosen furnishings (that metal perforated dresser!!!!) help make it special. Of course, the tv would be replaced by art if it were my own home, but it is a hotel, so don't blame me.

And now, my fine friends, a collection of images to help keep the Om Me Padme Hum going. Sit back and hang out.

hanging chair

Living Etc

gaelle le boulicaut

Gaelle le Boulicaut

hanging chair

Desire to Inspire

hanging bed

Via scubadam67's Flickr stream. Found on Even Cleveland.

hanging chair

Living Etc

hanging chair

Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

hanging chair

Jeff Andrews Design

hanging chair

Apartment Therapy

hanging bed

And finally, this crazy inventive hanging bed is courtesy of the very awesome AB Chao, who will be guest posting for us while Karly in on vacay. Hooray! AB is currently leading against some serious pros in the best bedroom contest on All the Best and you peeps need to get your fannies over there and vote for her, not because I said so, but because her room is clearly the winner. Lady knows how to live casual to the max. Y'all know what I mean.

Ask Sanders: Kristin's Green Bedroom

In Thursday's installment of Ask Sanders, I promised help for Kristin's bedroom. She asked our opinion on Kelly Green as a choice for bedroom paint, and Sanders was more than happy to oblige with a paint palette of greens in hues that range from shocking to sophisticated:

sanders green paint palette

And a few darker, more traditional greens:


Personally, I have found that green can be a difficult color to work with, because it requires a sense of confidence that many more soothing shades do not. But when done right, green really sings. And I love the idea of using green and blue (blue in Kristin's bathroom) as a base for a household palette, since blue and green can mix and match in so many interesting ways.

john paul urizar

John Paul Urizar

green bedroom

You'll need a pair to go all out kelly green on four walls, floor to ceiling. But this spare little bedroom courtesy of The Sweet Line gets it right with simple furnishings and accents. In a small room with strong color, paint is the star and everything else plays a supporting role.

kelly wearstler

I'm thinking that Kelly Wearstler may have kicked off the kelly green movement in a moment of vanity (hello, kelly - kelly?), but love her or hate her, the lady is not afraid of color. This bathroom shows how slick classic green (looks like Rainforest Foliage to me), black, white and chrome can be.

domino green kitchen

This tiny kelly green kitchen from Domino can cook. A very restricted palette with lots of white keeps the color from overwhelming.

green room

In this room from House to Home, forest green goes a little too country for my taste, but with more streamlined shapes, the color could be fresh. Imagine Danish teak instead of these tradtional furnishings. Throw in lots of white linens and a black pillow or two and you've got modern classic.

If all out green seems too heavy for you, you can break the color up in several ways.

green wallpaper

Hidden in France

Patterned kelly green and gold wallpaper keeps the color light. If wallpaper isn't an option (renters, I'm talking to you), try stretching fabric over a a wooden frame, or wallpaper a large piece of masonite and frame with cheap, painted quarter round. Beep beep, beep beep, yeah.

green living room

House to Home

Homes with lots of molding and windows can handle the color because it covers less surface area. With deep greens, black, white and brown rocks.

per ranung

Per Ranung

If you don't have glorious architecture and the bones to prove it, consider painting a feature wall in deep green; keep the rest of the room bright and light.

james merrell

James Merrell

Maybe kelly green isn't for you, but Stokes Forest Green is looking mighty fine. Pair it with lots of neutrals and blood orange for a pop of unexpected color. Lighter colors need less white to balance them out.

chartreuse domino

Brave souls may spring for chartreuse, like this Benjamin Moore Pear Green featured in Domino.


Boring picture, but the color is divine. And Designer's Brew shows how blue and chartreuse make magic. For a bedroom, maybe just a feature wall or nook would do.

Fear of commitment? No problem -- we all get cold feet sometimes. Consider green accents or furnishings instead.

fawn galli

Fawn Galli's boho-glam apartment uses bright green curtains and upholstery to funk up her space.

gaelle boulicaut

Gaelle le Boulicaut

Use that kelly green paint to spiff up a set of chairs in an otherwise neutral room. The wall paint in the photo looks a lot like my office paint -- Silver Fox by BM. It's a lovely, medium deep neutral.

living etc

Living Etc.

Even a simple emerald throw adds depth to this dark and cozy bedroom.

Or maybe instead of feeling green at the gills by all this color, you're green with envy. If you're feeling emboldened by the power of green, don't hold back.

apartment therapy greens

Apartment Therapy

Try mixing and matching several shades in one room, like this Moroccan guest house. Lots of white space helps forest green, stokes forest green, and a pear green, go together like peas and... peas.

That's it for this installment of Ask Sanders. Hopefully you and Kristin got some new ideas and inspiration on ways to green up your space. For me, suddenly chartreuse is sounding like a fabulous nursery color...

If you would like to have your home featured on Ask Sanders, need help matching colors you may have spied in magazines, or just want advice on what paint colors could possibly make those peach wall tiles in your bathroom look like you MEANT to do that, email us at to ask Sanders, our resident Paint Guru, for help.


Thanks, Sanders!