Blue Period

All these peachy pink walls are giving me the blues, but not in a weepy wimpy way. More in a, I must have cobalt blue velvet stat, kind of way.

Case in point:

This fabulous vintage tufted sofa with brand new blue velvet upholstery just popped up at a local dealer's shop. Sadly, I know this particular dealer will be charging 1st Dibs prices. Double sadly, that upholstery in my house would go from pristine to a jelly smeared nightmare in 3.2 seconds.

But look how good FloLo makes peacocky blue look with a juicy pink palette. Delish.

Almost as good as my girl Naomi Stein's fabulous Klein blue and pantone pink office nook. Genius, no?

Go check out the rest of her amazing apartment reveal over at Design Sponge.

And then please report back to let me know where I can get an amazing kid friendly blue sofa.

It's a Mod World

Sorry for the late and light posts, but I'm still feeling a bit jet laggy. I've decided to give myself a wild and crazy pep talk to help me power through the week with style (I also need a pep talk to help me power through my dirty laundry but that's another post). These pictures are telling me to go check out a Warhol exhibit, or maybe to grab a martini at the Highball. I think they are also telling me to ditch the rest of today's responsibilities and go swimming...

florence lopez mod

met home

mod dining

Well, they are definitely not telling me to do my MF laundry, but I am very adept at selective hearing. Later, dudes. Hope you manage to squeeze some good times into today!

[Florence Lopez, Urban Modernista, Met Home, Roger Davies, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Mod Rockers]


ONE day of daycare and I already have a snot encrusted kid batting big, glazed puppy dog eyes at me... needless to say the bloggy might get short shrift this week. Not to fear -- eye candy is still coming your way. Without my witty repartee, you'll just have to insert your own comments. Feel free to share them with me. I like reading your thought nuggets. Without further ago, check out this gorgeous place designed by antiques dealer Florence Lopez.

The color palette reminds me somewhat of the brazilliant room designed by Emily Henderson in her inaugural episode of Secrets of a Stylist.

You did watch it, right?