Monday Non Sequitur Meltdown

Monday, I want to murder you. The time change sucks nuts when you have a kid, our dishwasher is still broken, and I can't for the life of me find the nail clippers. Seriously, how long does it take after moving to get all the odds and ends properly squared away? Last night I had to dig through boxes in the garage just to find my house shoes. I love me some isotoners -- what about it? And to top it off, I am getting some weird blog crap when I log in while using Firefox. Has anyone out there noticed any funny business whilst cruising our blog? Moving on, I'd like to say thanks for all your input about the fireplace. Right now I'm contemplating ripping half of it down (well not me personally, me = proxy = Matt), adding a proper mantle, and painting it white. Or maybe doing this here plaster job that Morgan left in the comments. I'm a little concerned that our floors are too rustic to do anything vaguely rustic with the brick... not that they are crazy rustic they just have a very Euro bare board look, knots and all.

Speaking of, I have found myself staring at the floors and wondering if I should have done this pickled finish instead:

No, right? I would hate it in five years, right????? Please say yes.

I have turned into a babbling idiot because I have too many decisions to make, mainly about the overall direction of this place. I think it boils down to this:

vs this:

Form driven modernist Stilnovo, or a more classically elegant deco look?

I think I have a preference, but I'd love to know what you think.

Crappy iPhone Picture of Our New Floors

Sure I have a master's degree in photography, but why would I use a real camera to take pictures when I can use my phone? Yeah, I'm a dolt. But I'm also very tired and I'm getting sick, so it is what it is. Don't worry -- better pictures will follow, but I thought that maybe you'd forgive my laziness if I threw you wooden bone. Behold: white oak engineered flooring

Ok, that is a really bad picture -- so bad I can't believe I'm even posting it. Please note that the 2000 cans of paint samples are applying pressure to a board I asked to have ripped out and replaced because I thought it was too dark. And because I am a nightmare. Also note that there are 2000 cans of paint samples. I really have a problem.

That is some wholesome rustic goodness, though. I need some leggy sculptural pieces to provide the proper foil... I think I'm going for a bad girl Euro vibe. Maybe kind of like this:

Or maybe more comfortable.

We'll see how that pans out.

Let's Talk About Floors

Hardwood floors always give me... hard wood. I can't think of anything sexier than light gleaming off a set of bronzed, well oiled, shapely planks. Mmm hmmm. Obviously I have my heart set on wood floors for the new house -- the real stuff, please. None of that ersatz laminate or engineered and oddly beveled woodish product will do for me. But guess what? Wood is expensive. And there are waaaay too many choices. But look how pretty it is:

wood floors

Yes. This is the house I want. But maybe with less expensive flooring.

Or maybe darker?

dark wood floors

Wait -- maybe lighter...

light floors

Except the grooves kinda freak me out. Dirt traps?

We will probably do strip oak like this, but is this finish too light and modern for a Tudor?

Ok, here is your homework for today:

Please tell me whether you think we should go light, dark or somewhere in between.

Prefinished or site finished?

And finally, does anyone have experience with oiled finishes -- like tung oil or Waterlox? I love the idea of a matte, European style finish.

Stay tuned for an MLS tour of Old House this week... I have been a busy girl.