Round Top Round Up (part 1)

Hello all!  I am back from 2 long hot days in the fields of Round Top.  For those of you new to the blog (welcome!) Round Top is a big, fat flea market that takes place about an hour outside of Austin twice a year.  It's hot as hell and, despite the fact that I always make it a 2 day affair, I've never seen the whole thing.  I always return with a car full of war prizes obtained at bargain basement prices, but don't be fooled: Round Top is not the Shangri La of mid century modern finds one might hope.   First, there's the heat.  As in, drink 4 large ice tea slushies, a bottle of water, and a diet coke and don't visit the porta potty once.  Second, there's miles and miles of "antiques," shabby chic decor, and waayy too many country crafts.  But, with Jen and Freda by my side on Friday and Erin co-piloting on Saturday, I managed to make some awesome scores.  First, a few pics of goodies I saw but declined:

Erin spent the better part of Saturday trying to convince me to get these for my bedroom.  6 months ago I would have jumped at the chance for this $130 pair, but I have since decided that I want table lamps so I had to go with my gut.  I, of course, appreciate having a buddy that has my home's best interest at heart, especially when she has such a good eye.  Who could ask for more?

I know it's kinda hard to tell what's happening here, but a few obsessed readers will recognize this welded chain table base.  I've posted this room twice and we swoon over the custom table every time.  While this base is obviously for a smaller, round table, it's just as delightful and if it hadn't been $650 it would be in my house right now.  

Erin and I spotted this glorious industrial floor lamp in a booth that was well out of our budget.  Rather than haggling over this out-of-reach gem, I snapped a picture and gave it a crappy photoshop treatment.  Well, if I hadn't, you wouldn't be able to distinguish it from the background.  It was pretty stunning in person.

Equally amazing and expensive were these crystal(??) lights.  At $1950 Erin and I had to wonder if the vendors had heard about this pesky little recession we're in.

(BTW, i forgot my camera on Day 1, so you're only getting pics from the trip I took with Erin)

Normally the homemade crap at Round Top makes me want to stab my eyes out, but this giant planter tugged at my heart strings.  I can't remember how much it cost, but it was too rich for my blood so we get pictures instead.

OMG Ribs & Brisket!!!  There's lots and lots and lots of BBQ at Round Top so choosing a vendor can be hard, having a hilarious sign helps to tip the scales.  The ribs were amazing, fyi.

What are these assholes thinking?

$700 for a 4 foot golf ball and tee?  Almost worth it.

OK, now for the items that I did bring home:

Pair of lucite and gold table lamps with gold shades: $50.  As in, $50 for the PAIR.  Here's how they look now:

What do you think?  I love them in person much more than the in the photo, but should I have gone with the hanging lights?

1 cantilevered floor lamp for my office $10.  Yes, $10.  

Giant rattan hanging lamp to be cleaned and repainted white and hung in my office to replace the ceiling fan: $20.  Let me stress that this thing is HUGE.  $20 was a steal.

And finally, la piece de resistance:

Female Nude, Creepy Rock Man looks on, giant original painting signed & dated 1960, $40.  That frame is getting painted black and it will be hung in my dining room.  Appetizing, isn't it?

Side note:  the vendor actually said "it will be a mighty fine painting if you just paint over that guy on the rock, I don't know what idiot put him there."  Are you kidding?!  That guy rulz.  He stays.

I think Erin is bringing part 2 of the round up tomorrow, so tune in.  But then again, maybe she's not, in which case you'll have to wait until April for more.  But Erin will be here tomorrow none the less so, stop on by now, ya hear?

Round Top Round UP Part Deux

Do you remember once upon a time last Monday when I told you all about my magical trip to the Round Top flea market?  And remember how you, me and everyone we knew cried a river of tears over my loss of the THREE FOOT TALL brass horsey?  Well, guess what:

S-U-C-C-E-S-S spells success, homies.

That's right.  Yesterday Erin, Patrick and I braved hurricane force winds to make our ways to the Shangri La that is Round Top.  Patrick and Erin may have been a bit peeved at me darting through the fields early in the day to find my one true love but I was too focused to take notice.  Besides, they were too high on Kolaches to really care.

Let's take a look at the stud in his forever home:

Now, everyone, please take a moment to compose a lovely comment shout-out to my mother, aka, Connie who is a wise an loving woman.  So wise, in fact, that after seeing my post on Monday thought that the pony, aka 'lil Patrick, would make a lovely birthday gift for her soon-to-be 31 year-old daughter.  Thanks Ma!

The day was off to a running start (as previously mentioned).  We were greeted by these loving fellows, which I took as proof positive that my horse was still in the field for me to find, love, and take home.

Uncle Sam assured me that I was on the right path

After a greeting from horseys and Sam, we were off on a Magical Mystery Tour of the Fields

We spotted this little clown pouf that begged to be purchased as a gift for either Erin or Jennifer's nursery.  I couldn't decide between the two, so neither of them got it.  Ha.

Patrick, Erin and I all simultaneously choked on our funnel cakes when we saw this oil painting, but at $450 it was not to be for any of us.

This stately gentleman was more affordable, but is he really life-long friend quality?

I can always find my life-long friend in one of these, but, well, I just didn't feel like buying it.

These sweet swans bid us adieu from our final day at Round Top.  Patrick tried to smuggle one of their nest cigars but was run out of the booth by it's meth addict proprietor.  Whatever.

So.  What did we come home with - other than the most beautiful pony on the planet, achy backs, sunburns, and sore feet?

Erin adopted this sweet little panther for her and Ben's baby making nest

This poorly photographed, Adler-esque Horsey is now living on my bedroom fireplace mantel.  Note:  almost everything I bought today had a horse on it, except for this:

A fishy belt buckle for Matty Bear.  What kind of wife would I be if I didn't bring him back a prize in thanks for letting us drive his death-trap van to the flea?

And this: GUM WRAPPER SWAN!!  What are you?  What is your purpose?  I don't know, but you sure look pretty on my dining table.

DISCLAIMER: this next find was not from Round Top:

OK, I'm really sorry to break up the round top bliss with a non-round top find, but I HAVE to tell you about this lamp.  I was driving down the street the other day, which just so happened to be large-collection pick-up day, and some whack-job-crazy-pants put this lamp out on the street for the trash collectors to pick up. What?!!  Now it is mine and I will love it forever and always.  Or until I find a bigger, fancier arc lamp.

PS. sorry about the fireplace, I still need to retile it. And those vertical blinds are the bane of my existance, I promise they will be gone by the next time you see a photo of this room.

This Post was co-written by Patrick

The end.

Round Top Round Up

Last Friday was my first visit of the season to the semiannual Round Top Flea Market.  With fields of dusty goods as far as the eye can see, it is a heaven that requires several days to sort though.  My normal wing-ladies, Hope, Jen and Erin were all indisposed with trips to Hawaii and new born babies so I brought a new copilot, Diana, who was a Round Top virgin.  I must say, she did an excellent job keeping up with me as I darted through the fields, avoiding the vendors whom I know to have booths filled with over priced goods or hand painted crafts.  Our trip began with a bang as we were greeted by this lovely fellow:

The purpose of this giant peacock remains unknown, but it certainly was a pleasure to cross his path.  We felt the day was off to a good start and we were not wrong, shortly thereafter we stumbled across this pair of lamps:

At $50 for the set they were mine for the taking.  Matt thinks they look like popcorn poppers, but I don't care because they look darling in my guest bedroom.  Hopefully my visitors like to read under a nice orange glow.

The very same vendor had this odd little plastic seat, like the peacock, we could not determine it's function, but it was mighty cute all the same.

This little tulip table and chair set called my name, but, alas, I already have 3 extra tables in my house with no purpose what-so-ever, so I had to pass.

I spotted lots of stainless commercial kitchen goodies, which gave me hope and promise for the budget stainless kitchen remodel of my dreams.

I was truly smitten over this gigantic gold coin and even imagined a few prime spots for it in my house but I didn't trust it's authenticity of being vintage so I kept movin.

Only a few booths down from the giant coin was this Native American Head, oh how I loved it so.  It was in a notoriously expensive booth so I didn't even bother inquiring about the price, though.

This hoop chair cost more than the bathroom remodel I'm planning, so I snapped a picture and ran.

Diana eagle-eyed this partition and imagined its possibilities as a headboard, I thought the idea was GENIUS, mostly because it is gold, but purchasing it would have drained her last dollar and it wasn't even noon yet. 

I snapped a picture of this creepy taxidermy display in honor of Hope, who certainly would have spilled her ice-tea slushy down her shirt had she gotten the chance to see it.

This fearsome bust made me quite angry with myself for having passed up a similar statue only weeks ago at the thrift store.  If only I'd thought about how darling he would look covered in a thousand million necklaces.

Now THIS piece was truly unbelievable and the photo does it no justice at all.  It is a 3' tall lamp / fountain / vase and it totally and completely rocked my world.  Had it not sported a $300 price tag, I would be typing beneath it's heavenly light right now.

I love old trophies, each of these wanted to come home with me, what they did not realize was that I already have quite the collection that I've won the hard way:  by slamming down $2 to $3 at a time at my local thrift store.

The piece de resistance was most certainly this brass horse.  Why was he so special you ask?  Because he was THREE FEET TALL.  Um hello!  Our eyes met across the field and I ran to him as though caught by the ocean-side only a stone's throw from a long lost lover.  The angels came down from the heavens and the trumpets shouted in triumph.  Our romance was not to be, however.  Like the star-crossed-lovers of yore, our love affair ended when he yielded a price-tag of $150.  Well worth it, but, hey, I've got a bathroom to remodel.

It was the day of lamps.  In addition to the popcorn popper pair I purchased, I also got the one pictured above...

... as well as this hanging lamp that has been poorly photographed on it's side. I only have room for one in my house and I couldn't decide between the 2 very different styles, so I haggled like a pro and got the set for $50, I figure I will sell which ever one doesn't make the cut.

So, that's that.  Round Top day one complete.  I'll be revisiting the flea this week with my homebound pal Erin and my visiting friend Patrick.  You kids will get updates post haste.