After 8736 hours of lying around -- working very hard at not breaking anything (i.e., the baby) -- I'm terminally bored. I've already spent $39 on Kindle books (seriously Amazon, how can an ebook be more than twice as expensive as the paperback edition??? HOW?!), watched Downton Abbey 6x, and attempted to telekinetically sweep my floor, which so far has only resulted in a massive headache. Thank the stars for lovely Billie Ayers of Dessin Fournir, who came to my rescue after this post asking for info on alternate colorways for some Rose Cumming wallpaper. Not only did she create an account for me so I could feast my eyes on a bevvy of delicate shades, she also directed me to an online outlet that's carrying discontinued Rose Cumming fabrics and wallpapers.

Finally. Something important to do.

Important taffeta moire wallpaper to ogle.

Important uber trad wallpaper to contemplate... I smell a comeback.

Oh and did I mention cheap? Like $30/roll. And then there are the fabrics... all manner of velvets and damasks, chintzes and toiles, elephants and parakeets. And then there is Martine.

Oh, Martine... important unhealthy obsession. I want a pair of wingback chairs in this fabric to tone down all the chrome and brass and Italian glass I have going on. I hope the pattern is huge.

But wait! There are more important bargains to see. My favorite California boy Christian May of Maison 21 has curated a super sale selection at Joss and Main. Behold some of my faves:

Triad floor lamp.

Deco room divider.


Marilyn leather arm chair.

Grand marble obelisk.

Basically I like anything that looks like it came from Soane, but costs far, far less.

Sorry the pics are so wee -- I didn't feel like opening photoshop today. Apparently my fingers are exhausted from internet shopping and turning Kindle pages.

Now if you will excuse me, a new shipment of wallpaper samples just arrived so I must tape them all over the walls like a crazy lady.

What's new, right?

Mini Quandary -- Patterned Sofas, Yes or No?

I've kind of always wanted a crazy, patterned couch in colors that would make grandma blush. But would today's favored pattern become tomorrow's mauve and teal flamestitch? Oh wait... that's coming back, right?

Hot damn, not bad. I think I'd even like it in teal.

Anyway, what do we think? Balls out, all over upholstery, like only Miles Redd can bring it:

Or could we cheat a bit and maybe just tuck a blanket into the seat cushion to create some interest:

Can I tell you how much I love everything in this picture? Love. This is my Acid Wasp wet dream.

I may or may not be obsessed with contrasting patterns. Am I? Do you feel the need to save me from myself, or to egg me on?

So is the blanket thing too messy? Or is it ever worth the splurge to just upholster the whole couch in a pattern? I'm a little scared things could veer into Buatta territory. And expensive, I-redecorate-every-five-minutes territory. Still, wouldn't it be fun to do it up righteous?

Can you tell I'm super sick of having leather couches???

Happy Monday, folks. It's going to be a good week. Or else.

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