The Best Product Images In The History of the World

Ok, I know that usually this is an interiors blog where we enjoy the best and brightest of interior porn.  BUT, technically, since the blog is called design crisis, sometimes we dabble in other arenas, fancying ourselves worldly enough to talk about such things as art and graphics and music.  Well, today I'm pretty sure we have our first ever fashion related post and I bring this to you not because I know (or care) a thing about fashion but because the product presentation in this campaign is BEYOND WORDS.  It's Dadaism meets Robert Palmer meets Pop Art meets Bear Grylls.  So, to say the least, it's totally rocking my face off.  Shall we?

Ka-Pow!  I was having a hard time deciding which image to start with, but I figured egg on the head was as good as any.  Oh, also there are earrings in this image and they are by Alexis Bittar.  More More More!

There are a lot of animals happening here, which you know sends my heart racing 6-ways-to-sunday.  Is there anything better than a cat photoshopped to do something human?  Or, say, a zebra wearing a couch for a hat?  I didn't think so.

That concludes the animal portion of our program.  But wait!  There's more!

So awesome


Poketo Give Away!

Praise halleluia everyone, it's a give away day! Today 3, yes THREE lucky winners are totes going to win a tote from everyone's favorite accessory shop, Poketo. You know, Poketo, the adorable company we recommended in gift guides here and here. The ones that make these adorable goodies:

note, none of these are included in the give away, you'll have to scroll down for that, but you can buy the yummy items above by following these links:

crayon rings $12
Secret Tees, pack of 4 $60
Tools of Antiquity Journal $40
Blackbird Fly Twin Lens Reflex Camera $140
Irana Douer Print $48

Last week, Poketo launched a new line of recycled handbags including:

These awesome recycled bubble bags (made from used and donated clothing)

tote bags made out of (wait for it) recycled suits

and finally, the ones we're GIVING AWAY:

These colorful recycled street banner bags are my personal fave and I'm totally jealous of the 3 (three!!!!!!) lucky winners that get to take one home.

Here's the deal: you want one? Just leave a comment in the comments section. Comments section is closed next monday, May 3, at 5:00 pm CST at which time la random number generator will pick 3 winners. I'll announce it on the blog Tuesday and 3 of you will get to do your grocery shopping with a nice earth-saving smug grin plastered across your mug. Got it? Now go, comment.

!Winner! And some pretty pictures of hair

Guess what ya'll, I've got a winner to the 2010 Outdoor Living Tour this weekend:  Congratulations, Anne!  You plus one will be playing landscape peeping-tom gratis this saturday.  I'll hit you up over the email to work those details out, sugar. While we all come down from our contest high whilst simultaneously prepare for this weekend's garden bloodbath, let's relax with some soothing pictures.

Hair by Culdesac and Studio Marisol, images courtesy of yatzer