Big Booty Wood

Apologies for not giving y'all the attention you so richly deserve, especially since I truly appreciate all the feedback and comments you've offered on our quest for the perfect floors. Let me just say that I'm so busy I can barely remember my name anymore. Having our house on the market has been INSANE. Like, we don't live here anymore insane. I barely have internet access, we are surviving on salt and grease laden take out -- despite which I have lost several pounds from stress -- and Ike isn't sure where to call home. Still we've managed to decide on flooring. Drum roll please...

It's engineered white oak in a 6" strip with a natural, matte finish. I'm hoping it will look like this floor:

Because that floor is sex on a stick.

I was (ok, and still am) more than a little worried about the wide plank, but it was the best quality material I could afford and that's the only size it came in. Luckily a kind commenter directed me to these floors, which have renewed my lust for big booty planks:

Freaking orgasmic, I tell you. Dinesen makes some of the most fabulous flooring I've ever seen, but I'm betting the farm that it's waaaay more pricey than what I bought.

Those boards are ridiculously long, and look at how little variation there is... gajillion dollar floors for sure.

I'm still a little nervous that I might tire of the bigger is better look, but these photos are going a long way towards convincing me otherwise.

What do you think? Fat or skinny?

Let's Talk About Floors

Hardwood floors always give me... hard wood. I can't think of anything sexier than light gleaming off a set of bronzed, well oiled, shapely planks. Mmm hmmm. Obviously I have my heart set on wood floors for the new house -- the real stuff, please. None of that ersatz laminate or engineered and oddly beveled woodish product will do for me. But guess what? Wood is expensive. And there are waaaay too many choices. But look how pretty it is:

wood floors

Yes. This is the house I want. But maybe with less expensive flooring.

Or maybe darker?

dark wood floors

Wait -- maybe lighter...

light floors

Except the grooves kinda freak me out. Dirt traps?

We will probably do strip oak like this, but is this finish too light and modern for a Tudor?

Ok, here is your homework for today:

Please tell me whether you think we should go light, dark or somewhere in between.

Prefinished or site finished?

And finally, does anyone have experience with oiled finishes -- like tung oil or Waterlox? I love the idea of a matte, European style finish.

Stay tuned for an MLS tour of Old House this week... I have been a busy girl.