Green Dreams

I cannot even begin to tell you how glorious the weather in Austin has been... high 70s, crisp breezes, the scent of roses and freshly mowed lawns wafting about. The weather here is usually so HELLFIRE HOT by now that this spring seems extra special and it's really hard to do anything other than lie on the ground and stare up at this:

I love it so much that I just want everything to be green right now...

emerald green cabinets

green kitchen cabinets green cabinets

Green kitchens.

green wall color

green traditional

Green walls.

cole son wallpaper malachite wallpaper

Green wallpaper.

striped wallpaper

The perfect green accent.

In fact I'm considering a little living room switcharoo to bring in more green, inspired by this:

Hot. Sex.

Should I maybe put my new blue/navy rug:

In the front of the living room:

And put the red rug in the back of the living room?

Please pardon the bad styling and photography. I did move about 500 toys out of the picture, so I kind of rule.

I'm not convinced red rug will be ok next to those green chairs (it's definitely not as vibrant as my picture shows, but it's still dark raspberry red), however blue rug could be looking mighty fab with my giant fancy new Jenny painting:

abstract black white

And some new pillows made from this Robert Allen fabric:

I don't know... it's tough to say how this will look in real life. Could be good crazy. Could be bad crazy. That's a lot of squiggly lines and a lot of black and blue together.

When I can pull myself away from tree gazing I hope to move some things around. This is just the first configuration I'll try... I have a lot of big rugs now.

Of course, I also want more big rugs.

Of course, I also also want to stay married.

What do you think the chances of success for this new look are?

More than 50/50 = furniture moving time.

[images via pinterest and my house]